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Universal Music DJ for iPad

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Mix on your turntables all summer, anywhere you want, on your own turntables!

Whether a professional or an amateur DJ, mix your own MP3s, all your iTunes music and titles available with the application, and heat up the atmosphere of your party like a nightclub!

With this application, you can save all your mixes to MP3s, listen to the remixes and share them at your leisure!
Take advantage of the fastest DJ turntable for iPad
♦ Titles load IMMEDIATELY
♦ Buttons respond INSTANTLY

♦ Many advanced features ♦

♦ Double CD players for pitch bend
♦ Dual vinyl turntable for scratching
♦ Cross fader and fader volume for each turntable
♦ Automatic detection of the tempo of any song imported
♦ Displays the spectra of the two tracks being mixed
♦ 11 high-quality titles included
♦ Beatmatching with headphones - Requires 1 jack for speaker output and 1 for headphones output
♦ Direct access to your iTunes library
♦ Import your MP3s easily
♦ Record your mixes and blend them live on the turntables
♦ Audio Filters: Echo, Reverb, Flanging, Fade, and Bass Boost
♦ Loop Buttons: loop 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 times
♦ Switch Buttons: Switch instantly from one turntable to another
♦ Tap Tempo: tap in rhythm to display the BPM
♦ Auto-Sync button: Instant synchronization of two songs (BPM + pitch kicks)
♦ Double rotary knobs for setting the BPM with fine adjustment buttons
♦ Double rotary knobs for adjusting the treble / bass
♦ 5 sound effects: Reverb, Echo, Flanging, Fade, and Bass Boost
♦ Display of titles covers on the turntables
♦ VU meter and LCD display of title info
♦ 44KHz stereo sound
♦ Record your mixes and convert them to WAV files on your PC / Mac via iTunes
♦ Organize your songs by length, BPM, etc.


11 Universal Music titles available to start mixing!

Eric Carter ★ My Bed Is A Dancefloor
Laurent Pepper ★ Are You Ready (Ft. Ave Evace)
Chris Garcia ★ Le Cirque
Teo Moss ★ Regrets (Ft. Johann)
Mathieu Bouthier ★ Before You Go (Ft. Gilles Luka)
Muttonheads ★ Trust You Again (Ft. Eden Martin)
Neg' Marrons ★ Mon Idéal
Dim Chris ★ Sometime Ft. Amanda Wilson
Collectif Métissé ★ Laisse tomber tes problèmes
Tom Snare ★ Other City (Ft. Nieggman)
Tom Snare ★ The Way To Love (Ft.

A detailed manual to help easily understand all the functions of the application

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