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SunVox is the Most Powerful music creation tool for iOS. It is a small and fast modular synthesizer with pattern based sequencer (tracker).
With this program you can compose music anywhere. On any device. It also available (for FREE!) for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Maemo, PalmOS, Android, and other systems.

[ Jordan Rudess about this app ]
Sunvox is a serious music application. I am personally running it on my iphone. In the overcrowded world of music apps, Sunvox stands out as both unique and powerful. If you are a musician and own an iphone, you owe it to yourself to try this amazing application!

[ Key features ]
• Modular interface.
• Highly optimized synth algorithms.
• Support of 16/24/32bit WAV, AIFF and XI samples.
• XM (FastTracker) and MOD (ProTracker, OctaMED) import.
• Multitrack WAV export;
• WiFi export/import;
• MIDI import/export;
• Mic/Line-in recording;
• Real-time recording;
• Audiobus and IAA support.

[ Brief instruction ]
The main menu - button with wrench in the upper right corner of the screen.
Use multitouch to scale/move content of timeline and pattern editor.
How to connect one module to another? For multitouch devices: first touch on source, second touch on destination. For other devices: select the first module (source); click on the LINK button; select the second module (destination).
REC button is only for notes and controllers recording. If you want to record sound - use the Sampler module (REC button under the Sampler controllers).

[ Built-in synthesizers & effects ]
• Analog Generator;
• DrumSynth with 120 unique synthetic drum sounds;
• FM synthesizer;
• MetaModule (use it to build your own synths/effects);
• Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI, AIFF);
• SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for warm atmospheric sounds);
• Side Chain Compressor;
• Distortion;
• Echo;
• 3Band equalizer;
• Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
• Flanger;
• Loop (for glitch effects);
• Reverb;
• Vocal Filter (for human voice simulation);
• Vorbis Player;
• WaveShaper;
• and more ...

[ Bug reports ]
Found a bug? Have some questions? Just write me directly:
The answer comes immediately!

Official SunVox homepage + video tutorials:

User manual:

Development status of the new version:

SunVox music:

What's new

* audio engine has been switched to 32bit (Floating Point) mode;
* other than 44100 sampling rate support;
* Audiobus 2 and IAA (partially) support;
* new Module View (Routing) functions: Zoom (with multitouch support), Snap to Grid;
* MetaModule: EDIT button has been added; now you can edit MetaModules without annoying Loading/Saving;
* MetaModule: additional options: Arpeggiator (change the pitch of internal MetaModule patterns), Apply velocity to song;
* Sampler: the following options have been added: Record on play (use it if you want to record in sync with the PLAY button), Record in mono, Record with reduced sample rate, Record in 16bit;
* SpectraVoice improvements: auto render, additional sample size, new band types (random, triangle1, triangle2, overtones1, overtones2, overtones3, overtones4);
* Sound2Ctl: "Record Values" option has been added; now all values from this module can be recorded alongside with the other SunVox events (notes, Theremin, etc.);
* offset commands (effect codes 09 and 07) support has been added to the following modules: Generator, Analog Generator;
* MultiSynth: new controller "Random phase" has been added; for example, with this option you can play the Sampler's notes from the random position;
* MultiSynth: new controller "Random velocity" has been added;
* Analog Generator: new option "Filter freq. scaling per key (reverse)";
* Analog Generator: new controller "Noise" - amount of the white noise;
* new pattern command: Previous Track; use it to apply effects to previous track; but the following secondary effects are not allowed: 2x, 40..5F, 1D;
* new button in the Pattern Editor: Spec.Cmd - press it to insert a special command (Set Pitch or Previous Track);
* press SHIFT and change the value of some controller - the new value will be written to the pattern;
* press SHIFT and play some note on Touch Theremin - the new microtone (Set Pitch XXYY command) will be written to the pattern;
* new module - GPIO (only for Raspberry Pi); with this module you can send or receive the signals to/from GPIO pins;
* additional MIDI slot has been added to the Preferences; now you can use two MIDI keyboards simultaneously;
* Timeline section has been added to the Preferences;
* new option: Preferences -> Timeline -> Show timeline (always show Timeline on the screen);
* new keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + F9 - record start/stop;
* new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): SHIFT + [ - transpose octave down;
* new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): SHIFT + ] - transpose octave up;
* new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): CTRL + m - paste and mix;
* new keyboard shortcut (pattern editor): SHIFT + k - insert the "Previous Track" special command;
* new simple song examples: spectravoice2, metamodule_arpeggiator, metamodule_arpeggiator2, std_effect_multitrack, std_effect_multitrack2, std_effect_multitrack3, raspberry_pi_gpio;
* new song examples: alchemy_masters, full_moon_night, Twistboy - Translucent, Spline - Endless August, Knyazivan - Left Double Quotation Mark;
* bugs fixed.


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