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✔ More than ★350.000★ downloads with hundreds of 5 star ratings all over the world.

✰ Cult of Mac: ❝If you do want to know what sounds look like, and you want to know it in the most stylish and good-looking way possible on iOS, you can’t go far wrong with an app called Soundbeam. It’s just beautiful❞

✰ Beautiful Pixels: ❝Soundbeam is a beautiful app by Evil Window Dog. You’ll find yourself playing with it numerous times❞

∿ What you see is what you hear ∿∿∿

★ (NEW!) You can also record up to 15 seconds of audio and render it into a neat, easily shareable video file. ★

Soundbeam helps you see what everyday sounds look like and visualizes sounds you can't even hear!

Plug in your electric guitar, a mic or any other (hi-Z) device to your mini-jack input and get accurate measurements. You can always use the built-in mic.

We paired stylish controls and an old-school interface with high precision signal processing algorithms, creating a new way to experience sound.

Soundbeam is an real-time audio analyzer (RTA) that processes the input of your microphone displaying it like a classic oscilloscope. It also features a spectral visualization of the audio using high resolution fourier transform (FFT) for accurate measurements.

✰ Get a dose of nostalgia with Soundbeam now!✰

Key Features:

✔ Spectrum and waveform views
✔ Recording functionality
✔ Gesture support for frequency range and intensity levels adjustment
✔ Visualization controls
✔ ...and one more thing! Plug in your headset or guitar and watch what happens!


• While in "spectrum mode", pinch the monitor vertically or horizontally to change frequency range and intensity levels respectively. You can also pan the soundwave with one finger.

• In "waveform mode" pinch the screen vertically to adjust intensity levels.

• Double tap on the screen to reset view.

• Tap & slide the intensity knob horizontally to adjust it.

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What's New

★ New feature: Soundbeam can now record up to 15 seconds of audio and render it into a neat, easily shareable video file.

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