Songkick Concerts - Tour dates and festivals for your favorite artists and bands.

Songkick Concerts - Tour dates and festivals for your favorite artists and bands.

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Track your favorite artists so you never miss them live. Get notifications when they announce tour dates near you.

Cult of Mac Must-Have app, Billboard App of the Month, UK iTunes App of the Week.

Instantly create a personalized concert calendar based on your bands and your locations by scanning your music library. See why millions of fans love Songkick!

• Scan your iPhone/iPod Touch music library, Spotify & Rdio accounts, and Facebook music (includes Deezer) to track your favorite artists.
• Get a personalized, local concert calendar for your bands.
• Alerts when new concerts are announced.
• For every concert or festival, see the full line-up, venue map, and invite friends.
• Compare all ticket options & prices. Buy tickets in-app and never miss another 9am on-sale.
• We’ll suggest concerts based on your taste so you’ll have plenty of options for a great night out.
• Search to track any artist in the world. Don’t miss out when they announce a concert near you and browse their full tour schedule if you want a live music road trip!

Testimonials and Reviews:

“If I had to choose one concert recommendation service above all the others, I would pick Songkick.”

“With 100,000 concerts on its global database, Songkick dominates the listings market.”
- The Guardian

"10 Best Music Apps October 2013… for lovers of live music, Songkick is a dream app.”
- The Independent,

“A music lover-turned-traveler's go-to app.”
- Mashable

"COOL: Find tickets, venue information and lineups in-app."
- appolicious

“Songkick isn’t the only music listings site… But Songkick has emerged as the leader.”
- New York Times

“It’s completely free and it’s bloody marvellous.”
- Frackulous

"Songkick will recognize upcoming concerts from your favorite artists in bands in your area based on the scan, and automatically keep track of these in a tab dedicated to your personalized concert calendar."
- Lockergnome

"App of the Month"
- Billboard

What's New

Big news for non-Premium Spotify users! We’ve completely overhauled the Spotify importer so that everyone—free or Premium—can track their favorite artists easily. We’ll import up to 400 of your most-listened-to artists based on the songs and albums you’ve saved to ‘Your Music.’ Go to Settings to scan your Spotify and unleash a torrent of concerty goodness!

Big news for big phone owners! (That’s owners of big phones, not necessarily large people.) Songkick Concerts now supports the native iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus resolutions. This means you’ll see more concerts listed on your screen, text and images will appear crisper, and you can be justifiably smug about how many pixels your fondle-slab is pushing.

The app is also now fully 64-bit: presumably this means that if you drop your iPhone while the Songkick app is running it’ll smash into *exactly* 64 pieces (caveat: I’ve not verified this). Send us the proof if you put this to the test…

- Fixed: the jerky scanning animation on Spotify, Rdio, and iTunes import was making our design team’s eyes’ bleed. Now it’s as smooth as a dog’s jacket.
- Fixed: the app icon is no longer invisible on iPad. That was an oversight (icon guarantee it won’t happen again).

Our bus-and-bike-rider is out of the office today: but rest assured, they (and the whole team) still read through all your reviews every day, so if you like the app, please take a second to rate us. #ratersgonnarate

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