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Songbook simple is exactly that - a simple songbook for your iPad. Getting tired on carrying around books and paper and trying to find that song you're looking for?

Tired of trying to switch pages in the middle of a song? Use MIDI to control page position. Either with program change, note off, or control change messages.

Alternatively, use one-tap paging to scroll the content to pre-defined page boundaries that you can set yourself. Never fumble around to find your place in the song again.

* Playlists: Save set lists for easy recall when you get to your gig.
* Categories: Navigate your songbook by _type_ of song.
* MIDI Controllable! (Think footswitches)
* Forget Autoscroll that never scrolls at the right speed. One quick tap to scroll Pages
* Custom page breaks. Define where your pages should be cut.
* Displays your song documents (.txt files, more coming soon!) in an easy-to-read font.
* Text Size adjustable, can be remembered for each song.
* Transpose Chords on the fly using a very simple markup
* Email all your songs to people in a .zip file.

Free to try, includes a few songs for you to see how straightforward the app is. You can also copy-paste text into the app to add your own songs. While viewing a song you can then edit them from the toolbar.

The real power in this app is syncing it to your Dropbox account, where you can manage all your song documents on your PC and just sync with dropbox in one click.

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Valued user,

I have a history of making 'bumpy' starts to major upgrades. It is sadly a consequence of being one guy in a bedroom studio with limited testing facilities. I try my best to fix problems ASAP, and to this aim, I hope to offer now more stability than before.

TO BE SAFE: Please use Dropbox! Otherwise, please email yourself all your songs (choosing Songbook archive format) BEFORE you upgrade from version 2.x !!!

- Bugfixes and stability improvements.

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