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Peak Guitar

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PLEASE NOTE: Peak Guitar is currently unsupported until the next update. A few users have been having trouble with the app. I recommend downloading the free version to test before downloading additional song bundles. If the free version works for you, then you should have no problem with additional song bundle purchases or the "Peak Guitar Pro."

For a video demo of Peak Guitar, visit our YouTube page:

If you like what you see, you may also want to check out Peak Guitar PRO, which features ALL of Peak Guitar's content unlocked for one single price.

Peak Guitar is an iPad app that is designed to help the advancing guitarist achieve a big-picture understanding of the neck of the guitar and the scale patterns that cover it. If you have found yourself a bit baffled by the modes, the CAGED system, etc., Peak Guitar is guaranteed to clear things up.


--Over 100 different backing tracks in many different categories, including classic rock, 12-bar-blues, and intensive studies of individual modes in all keys.

--Special sections of backing tracks based on the music of the Grateful Dead and Phish.

--Tracks sound killer, like having a band right there in your living room.


--Easy-to read scale diagrams with root notes and other "important" notes marked.

--Diagrams are shown with CAGED System shapes to help you get situated on the neck.

--Diagrams included for the entire neck of the guitar, specific to each play-along track.

--Categories of scales include single-position "modal" fingerings, 3-note-per-string "horizontal" fingerings, and pentatonic fingerings.

--Additional information windows included to give more information on chord progressions in the tracks, with explanations of why a given mode works for that track.

Peak Guitar is designed for guitar players of all ability levels (except for absolute beginners) and all musical genres who want to improve their skills and reach the next level of performance. Any guitar player who is interested in learning about scales and improvisation will enjoy Peak Guitar and reap huge benefits from it.

Presented by, Peak Guitar will unlock the secrets of improvisation for you and help you take your guitar playing to new heights.

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