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"myMusicScore" is an application for hand score writing, based on WM_GSRecognizer, a library specially designed for this case (see the WanMore web site).
The software allows you to "key" your symbols (notes, rests, …) without the help of any menu or popup, by anticipation of what you expect to trace.
"myMusicScore" currently allows you to trace : staves ; whole/half/quarter notes, 8th/16th/32th notes ; whole/half rests, quarter/8th/16th/32th rests.
The 2.0 version add the graphic optimisation (size, shape, position) for traced symbols, opens the last created page at launch, undo/redo for creation or modification of symbols, the possibility to clear the whole page.
Limitations : the following features are not implemented, but planned : symbols replacement from a library, modification (note pitch, timing edition), audio play, file xml export (MusicXml) (for a desktop usage), time check for measures, multiplies management, …, but will be very soon for most of them.
(Notice that it is possible to get a screen shot with the usual way - press simultaneously on the "Home" et "Switch off" buttons")

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What's New

- zoom feature,
- the myScore specific features (smooth, alignments, ...) were not active when the app is never installed before,
- the size of the graphic area could changed when a rotation of the device,
- better Size for the graphic area,

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