MoDrum - Synthesis-based Drum Machine

MoDrum - Synthesis-based Drum Machine

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A beat-making app that features real-time synthesis of drum sounds that range from TR-808 style to real. As a synth and not sampler, sound characteristics can be tweaked from authentic to affected.

MoDrum for iOS is a virtual analog drum machine with a 32-step grid sequencer, plenty of sound-sculpting parameters, a tempo-matching delay effect, dynamic compression, reverb processor, sophisticated MIDI support, audio looper, performance recorder, and more.

Key Features

• 11 real time operating, sample-free percussion synthesis modules:
- Bass Drum: Tune, Pitch, Time, Click, Decay
- Snare Drum: Tune, Tone, Muffle, Decay
- Low Tom: Tune, Noise, Decay
- Mid Tom: Tune, Noise, Decay
- High Tom: Tune, Noise, Decay
- Rim Shot: Tune, Drive, Decay
- Hand Clap: Tone, Decay
- Cowbell: Tune, Decay
- Cymbal: Color, Tone, Peak, Decay
- Open Hi-hat: Tone, Peak, Hold, Decay
- Closed Hi-hat: Tone, Peak, Decay

• Programmable sequencer with 32 steps, global accent pattern, and rhythmic shuffle (swing).

• Built-in audio effects:
- Dotted eighth delay effect unit
- Hard knee dynamic range compressor
- Tube amp overdrive effect processor
- Reverb processor

• Integrated looper for tempo-synchronous playback of backing tracks or sampled phrases.

• Performance recorder

• Audiobus support, including full state saving

• Inter-App Audio (Generator mode)

• WAVE file sharing via "Open In...", pasteboard, and iTunes File Sharing

• Background Audio with battery-saving Auto Standby

• MIDI Clock sync/generate

• MIDI Note in/out (GM drum mapping)

• Comprehensive MIDI routing capabilities
- Virtual MIDI
- Network MIDI
- MIDI over Bluetooth LE (iOS 8+)

• Bundled several factory presets by Myagi and Sunsine Audio

• In-app pattern store

• Project file access through iTunes

• Universal support for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

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What's New

- Added a pattern pack by New Wave Presets to the store
- Added native support for the iPhone 6/Plus
- Fixed audio session interruption issue
- Removed WIST support (*)
- Audiobus SDK 2.1.5

(*) The current WIST SDK (v1.0.0) does not work on iOS 8

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