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Blow into the iPhone mic and experience the power of iRecorder. The harder you blow, the stronger the sound produced. It's just like the real thing.

In fact, we have replicated every aspect of a real recorder, including every note, key and hole.

More than just a digital musical instrument, iRecorder actually helps you learn how to play the recorder.

To help users familiarize themselves with the fingerings, the notes are displayed on screen as they are played.

iRecorder is a sophisticated learning device. We have provided a bunch of sample songs to help you learn. You can turn on fingerings, auto-blow and even fat fingers to help you learn the ropes.

We will continue to develop and enhance based on your ideas and feedback. Please try to keep feedback constructive and helpful.

We are trying to make everybody happy - beginners and musicians. Showing your support with a 5 star rating would be great!

On a real recorder, there is also a hole at the back. That can been replicated by pressing anywhere on the wooden background. We suggest using your left pinky finger for that.

Whilst doing so, cover the top hole (the one closest to the iPhone mic) with the index finger of your left hand. Your right thumb is not used for covering holes; it is used to support the phone.

Now blow gently into the iPhone mic. You should hear a 'B' and see a 'B' fading down the screen. This note is shown on a fingering chart as follows:
B = 0 1-- ----

The 0 here represents your pinky finger that's touching the wooden background. The 1st hole from the bottom is numbered 1 and it is covered. All the other holes are open, so they are indicated by dashes.

Here are some more notes:
A = 0 12- ---- (pinky, first and second finger of left hand)
G = 0 123 ---- (pinky, first, second, third finger of left hand)
C' = 0 -2- ---- (pinky, second finger of left hand)
D' = - -2- ---- (just the second finger of left hand)

Suggested left handed tunes:
'Mary had a little lamb'
B A G A B B B, A A A, B D' D', B A G A B B B, A A B A G

To match the holes, the fingers of your right hand are numbered 4, 5, 6 and 7. Your right index finger is 4. Here are some notes:

E = 0 123 45-- (all left-hand holes, right first and second finger)
D = 0 123 456-
F# = 0 123 -56-

Suggested Tune:
'Twinkle Twinkle little star'
D D A A B B A, G G F# F# E E D

Notes F and C

F = 0 123 4-67
C = 0 123 4567

Suggested Tune:
'Auld Lang Syne'
C F F F A G F G A F F A C' D'

NOTE: For best results connect your device to headphones or amplified speakers.

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