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Gigroad • Live Music Anywhere

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Gigroad is the live music marketplace that enables anyone to see, play, and host gigs anywhere!

Create bands & invite members.
Create venues & invite managers.
Create public & private gigs with your venues.
Create tours from your gigs with your bands.
Share YouTube videos of your bands and venues.
Share you bands, venues, and gigs on Facebook.
Sell tickets to public gigs and scan them at the door.
Send invites to private gigs.
Get paid for making live music happen!

...All within Gigroad.

Gigs can be pending or confirmed. While pending, bands can apply or be invited to a gig. After the gig is confirmed, tickets can be sold and invites can be sent.

Tickets are sold to public gigs and both the bands and venue are paid from the ticket sales. This is great for professional venues or anytime someone wants to sell tickets to the general public for admission to the gig.

Private gigs send invites instead of selling tickets. The venue pays the bands directly. This is great for private events, such as weddings and house parties.

In both public and private gigs, the bands and venue will not receive any funds until approximately 48 hours after showtime.

In both public and private gigs, the percentage of the profit each band or venue receives is adjustable by the venue while the gig is pending.

Tickets purchased to public gigs are sold directly on Gigroad and scanned at the door. Gigroad provides managers of a gig's venue with barcode scanners to check that tickets are valid.

Money earned by bands and venues go directly into their Gigroad bank account. The funds can be transferred from Gigroad to a debit card at any time.

Bands can assemble their gigs in tours, which are displayed on a map. Routes are shown on the map as well, and turn-by-turn navigation is provided between each of your gigs in the tour.

Reviews are provided for bands, venues, and gigs. Anyone who participates or attends a gig can leave a review for the bands and venue involved.

Chat rooms are provided for bands, venues, and gigs. Chatrooms can be used to facilitate communication within bands and venues, as well as a means for bands and venues to negotiate matters relating to pending gigs.

Photos can be provided for bands, venues, and users. Gigroad provides filters for the images. The image filters can be combined to create unique artistic effects for your images.

Gigroad effortlessly connects with YouTube to allow you to add videos to your bands and venues. This is a great way for bands and venues to show each other what they have to offer when creating gigs.

Gigroad retains 18% of money spent on Gigroad to pay for payment processing and operational costs.

Gigroad is available all over the world! Play, host, and see gigs in the USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, & Portugal!

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