Ellie's Wings - Best Animal Coloring Game - Ads free & Safe for Happy children

Ellie's Wings - Best Animal Coloring Game - Ads free & Safe for Happy children

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*Voted as top 10 must have coloring games / books for children!*
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This is not you regular coloring game.It is much more and your children will love it! Animation, Sound and great graphics all combine to make this the
BEST coloring game book for kids.

Majour review sites recomended this coloring game

"It’s got all the makings of a stellar game for children " - TheIphoneAppReview.com

"We love kid-safe apps and Ellie’s Wings is a stand-out in that category" - BestAppsForKids.com

"A must have app if you have children" - Moms Bloggy Blog

What our fans say:
"The best coloring book out there, no question about that"
"My children found this coloring book to be both easy and fun"
"They play for hours every day"
"Toca Toca - Touch and play this every day"

Ellie's Wings offers beautifully animated animals that need your help in coloring their wings, coloring or decorating one wing will show an identical pattern on the other wing,
but WAIT, It is not just about coloring Ellie's wings gives you the option to add handmade animations, color splatters and even a spider making it a fun and unique app.

All the animals laugh, get excited and even faint reacting to according to your choice and patten of colors or animated decoration placed on the wing.

FULL Game consists of 6 different animals Light version has 3,
If you enjoy them get the full coloring game easly, No IAP, Ads free, Children safe)
③Friendly dragon
⑤Dragon fly

* Just like Finger Painting only MUCH more *

Easily paint and laugh along with 6 different animals, The symmetrical drawing turns any art work into a beautiful master piece

* Communication and positive feedbacks *

-All the animals respond with voice and movement.
-When they are happy they will jump and cry with joy
-Tickle them while coloring and they will roll with laughter
-Ooops, did you spill the paint? Never mind, thats easy! the animals will hand you a towel to clean up the mess.
-The mysterious spider, have you ever seen a peacock faint?? In this coloring book you will :)

* The Masterpiece gallery *

If you want to save your work just click the camera
Review your gallery and continue coloring unfinished art work

* More than just paint brushes and colors *

Easily add handmade animation to the wings of your favorite animal
Flowers that open and close, magical lights that blink, beating hearts and many others

* Voices, Sounds and movements *

Each animal has its very own voice and movement gestures
The color palette is also a musical xylophone‏‏‏‏ you can actually play on.

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**Ellie's wings was developed by Ellie's toy Company **

"Ellie's toy Company" is an independent game studio that creates original and fun digital toys for children. We believe that the best way to learn is by playing fun stress free games. Our games promote the use of imagination and self expression in a safe and stress free environment. All games developed for our own children and that includes Ellie the 3.5 year old daughter of Daniel Sonnenfeld Founder of Ellie's Toys

-- We do not use IAP
If you like the light version simply buy the full version

-- We do not use third party advertising*
Safe and free of environment for you and your child

-- Play along with your child
Explore the app alongside your child

If you like our work and you want to know more about us (like what does Ellie look like in real life), get updates or just say hello
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