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bip is a fantastic creative tool for playing, recording and performing musical rhythmic patterns. Starting with the simple idea of a programmable generated beat, touch and hold gestures are used to select beats and patterns. Patterns can be mixed and matched along with a touch-strip controller for transforming beats. Choose from track templates for quickly creating tracks or spend the time importing and tweaking beats with your own samples.
bip offers hours of creative composing and live performance.

Features :
• simple and clean interface
• create a variety of rhythm's while touch hold and slide finger across beats
• all beats can be programmed to play in time including complex sub-divisions
• a touch strip for changing parameters of any beat, loop or entire track
• record beats and parameters to create expressive musical patterns
• arrange patterns on the fly for each track
• use to compose, arrange AND perform live
• load track presets for quick music making
• over 200 samples included
• import samples using audio paste or iTunes file sharing

"An interesting well thought out rhythmic playground for coming up with all sorts of cool! "
Jordan Rudess Wizdom Music

"A simple and intuitive interface belies a surprising amount of layers and creative power."

What's New

This release is mostly bug fixes with a few small features added. Look out for further updates in the next few months. Enjoy

Features :
+ importing samples now supports file formats ".wav" ".mp3" ".aif" ".m4a"
+ edit and re-save any sample
+ improved auto-saving of song
+ audio engine buffer rendering updated

- current song selected when returning to page
- sample file format
- crashing after a recording
- auto-naming of duplicate samples

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