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TracknShare - A universal life management diary tracker to journal, track, analyze, improve & share chronic health symptoms, such as pain and sleep, my work life, food, weight, wellness &  the Quantified Self.

TracknShare - A universal life management diary tracker to journal, track, analyze, improve & share chronic health symptoms, such as pain and sleep, my work life, food, weight, wellness & the Quantified Self.

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Track Visualize Act - revolutionary life tracking - independent label. Thousands use TracknShare for self-help, coaching, teaching, care: regular folks, US olympic athletes, people with chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, ADHD, ...

Excellent reviews from our users and from >> University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tech EDGE >> Mac Life >> Psychology Today >> The Best Life ... Check out our website for references.

Five Stars: flexible
This is the best app I have found to track things... I have chronic migraines & this app has been the most useful to track migraine related things as well as much more!

Five Stars: Going on 2 years and loving it
I have been using this app for nearly two years now... THIS IS MY MOST USED APP - I couldn't live without it! Due to its high level of customizability, I use it to track all kinds of things. There is no end to what you can use this app for. I love the newly designed interface. A must-have app for everyone - it should come pre-installed!

Five Stars: Incredibly Powerful App
Every once in a while you find an app that changes your life. Sounds extreme but it's true ... This program is simple but its configurability makes it powerful. The power comes from configurable items, groups, screens, combined with powerful reporting, graphing, and exporting tools - with everything simple and intuitive. I have selected 12 things across the following areas to track: eating habits, weight, sleeping, exercise, vitamins, etc. Then I set up a screen of the 3-4 things things to remember first thing in the morning, during the day, in the evening, and then a wrap up screen to review before I go to sleep.Even when I get tied up and don't make entries for a day or two, that's ok - I see the overall trend and just start back up again

Five Stars: One of the most useful apps in the entire iTunes catalog!
Track and Share is brilliant! I love it! I have a knowledge of stats so understand the concepts they've used; the implementation is clean, straightforward, and effective and simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing data so anybody can do it, easily, AND use the results for positive change. Congratulations to Track and Share for creating one of the most useful apps in the entire iTunes catalog!

How to use TracknShare
Track anything that matters to you - Just one tap to enter data - Capture notes along the way - Share results & notes - View powerful graphs, spot trends - Understand how things are related - Make changes to your life and measure results


5 categories are already set up:
My Health Items - My Mood Items - My Sleep Items - My Food Items - My Gratitude Diary

Create your own custom items from scored icon sets. Available scales: not at all -> very much, pain, severity, completion, bad -> good, grades, level, weather, in love, low -> high, light -> heavy, note items that store photos

Icons & numbers for keeping track: 60 scored icons to describe how you do, different formats for number entry, more than 250 icons total

Powerful graphs let you compare different items at a glance in vertical and horizontal view. Graphs by days, weeks, months

Visual Statistics Tap to cycle through ∅ Averages ∆ Max ∇ Min ∑ Totals ⊥ Last

Visual Calendar of all values and notes at a glance.

Take screenshots of your graphs and share via email

Data export Password protection

Users of TracknShare Lite
Lite allows 12 entries per item. Set up and all entries get moved from Lite to Pro. We offer Lite to help you decide if this app is right for you.

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What's new

Thanks for all your feedback since our iOS7 update! That's what keeps us going and thinking about how to deliver the best universal life management experience to you.
In this quick update we focused on two things: fixed a bug with the password screen, and - brought you the badge counter back. Taking it away to simplify the app was a bad call on our part. Many users don't want to miss it. Turn the badge counter back on under More. Add individual items to the counter with Edit.
Hope you enjoy this update. You can tell we put a lot of detailed effort into the design. The visual calendar has a complete new look. If you like the app, please write a review in the store. This is very important for our ranking and sales. This enables us to keep working on future upgrades. Also, check out our other apps.
Next we'll work on new features. Help us prioritize features by sending us an email to support @
Thanks for 4 years of an amazing collaboration! We love to help you change your life, keep us up to date.
All the best,
Uwe and the Track & Share team


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