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Sleep Beat

Sleep Beat

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Sleep Beat helps to eliminate tossing and turning naturally so you can sleep.
Many people lie awake at night and find it difficult to fall asleep.

Sleep Beat helps people who suffer from sleep loss due to:
- Overstimulation from an active mind
- Lifestyle stress
- Unfamiliar sleep surroundings and Jet Lag.

Similar products have been highly recommended by Sleep doctors and have been featured on TV shows such as;
- Dr OZ
- The Doctors
- BetterTV
- A similar product was featured in the book "The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferriss

** Sleep Beat is not a sound machine **

With Sleep Beat, adults and children alike begin to relax within minutes and then easily drift into sleep. Sleep Beat is also great for returning to sleep in the middle of the night.

Now instead of taking an additional piece of bulky hardware with you, you can now use your iPhone!

How it works
Sleep Beat projects a soft light into your darkened bedroom. The "luminance" of the light slowly rises and falls. You lie with eyes open and synchronize your breathing with the beat of soft light as its movement becomes slower and slower. After a short time, Sleep Beat closes and you roll over and fall asleep. Unlike sound machines, the soft light does not disturb others.

How to use Sleep Beat
When you are ready to go to bed; plug your iOS device in to charge (not entirely necessary even at full brightness, Sleep Beat only uses about 1% power during the 7 minute cycle). Launch Sleep Beat, select the cycle you would like to use, lay the device beside you on a dresser or night table with the screen pointing up. (I often use Sleep Beat while docked in an alarm clock being at an angle doesn’t negatively affect the performance). Lay on back in your bed with your eyes open looking up at the ceiling. The light from the device will be projected in the room, match your breathing to the brightness changes of the light.

Why does Sleep Beat work?
Sleep Beat works so well because it quiets the mind and relaxes the body.
With Sleep Beat, a gentle focus on an external cue gives you an escape from the overactive mind. Sleep Beat provides your active mind something gentle to focus on. Many people learn and understand relaxation techniques used by cognitive behavioral therapy to help with sleep. However, implementing these techniques in your bedroom is easier said than done. Sleep Beat takes the thought and anxiety out of relaxation techniques taught by clinical psychologists.
Sleep Beat calms the body by activating the relaxation (parasympathetic) branch of the nervous system. It does this using the only non-drug method known, deep breathing. When you use this ancient relaxation technique first validated in western science by Dr. Herbert Benson from Harvard Medical School in the 1970s your eye lids grow heavy and you fall asleep.
Proper breathing also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood which makes way for the secretion of melatonin. Clinical research shows that melatonin and cortisol process an inverse relationship to one another. Dr. Andrew Weil MD says that proper breathing is the master key to vibrant health.

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What's New

- Entirely new custom cycle section. Allows you to completely adjust all timings of the sleep cycle pulse!! - much requested feature.
- New deceleration algorithm.
- Updated Hi-res icons

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