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Health Calculator+Data Log

Health Calculator+Data Log

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This is an application that can help you calculate data needed in health care and fitness, it also provide data to check the health status of people.

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How to use:
1), If you use it as a public user, just input the data, then touch result button.
2), Touch the '+' button, you can add user who will use this application and calculating log function. You can add more users as you like,
but consider the performance, it is thought less 20 users is the best.
3), You can delete a user you added, but you can not delete the public user. the calculation history can't be deleted and edited, unless you delete the user you added.

1, This application can calculate or check the following data needed in daily health care or fitness activities.
✓ Basal metabolic rate(BMR) (with log function).
✓ Body surface area (BSA) (with log function).
✓ Watered or needed and evaporated in a day (with log function).
✓ Optimum heart rate in fitness.
✓ Estimate lifespan based heart rate.
✓ BMI and healthy weight (with log function).
✓ Lung capacity.
✓ Calories burned in daily life and exercise activities (with log function).
(Over 180 different daily life and exercise activities)
✓ Target heart rate in exercise.
✓ Type of blood pressure (with log function).
✓ Body fat percentage (with log function).
✓ Time needed in decreasing internal organs fat.
✓ Hidden obesity (with log function).
✓ Type of obesity (with log function).
✓ Child obesity (with log function).

2, The calculation history is shown in graphic mode, it is very clear to see the changes of your body status.

3, Metabolic Equivalents(METs) needed in calculation of burned calories is detailed enough for all kinds of activities at home, work, spare time or exercises.

4, During developing this application, we referenced information provided by followings.

The Japanese Association of Hypertension
Japan National Cardiovascular Center
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Japan National Institute of Health and Nutrition(METs data)
Japan Society for the Study of Obesity

5, Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

6, Notice:
Please take responsibility for yourself when use the result or information provided in this application.

What's new

Added support for iPhone5.


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