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GreyMobile is a tool aimed at hospital doctors and medical students to help manage the common medical emergencies in the acutely unwell patient.
With consensus guidelines and flow charts developed by hospital consultants, an empirical antibiotic prescribing guide and clinical calculators for complex antibiotics, GreyMobile makes your iPhone as invaluable on the wards as your stethoscope.

Key Features:
- Fast Look up. Search the entire guidance for a condition/drug name within milliseconds.
- Topic search - find the topic of interest rapidly by filtering the table of contents for your term.
- No sideways scrolling. All content formatted to iPhone dimensions.
- Inter-topic links lays down a trail of where you have been- following a link to another topic means you can always get back to were you were without losing your place.
- Clinical calculators (more to come in future releases) to help reduce dose calculation errors which include automatic conversion of imperial and metric. Enter the data you have available and the calculator will do the rest.
- Launch the calculators from the relevant page in the guidance (back button to avoid losing your place in the text).
- Click on a diagram or flow chart to bring it into full screen view so that it can be panned/pinch zoomed.
- Empirical antibiotic guide. Covers common infections from community acquired pneumonia to cellulitis.
- Guidance written by hospital consultants at St George's University of London and NHS Hospital

Employees of St George's Healthcare NHS Trust have a duty to use the latest internal guidelines and in accordance with Trust Policy. The information provided by the GreyMobile guidance calculators should be checked against the latest guidelines, pending formal approval.

What's New

Updated to iO7 with new flat icons.
Improved tables with swipe left icon on narrower displays to scroll large tables horizontally in place.
Age calculator/gentamicin age button - Now simply type the date of birth by hand rather than using the date picker which could be time consuming.

Content fixes: Fixed a formatting issue with Hypercalcaemia.

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