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GreyMobile is a tool aimed at hospital doctors and medical students to help manage the common medical emergencies in the acutely unwell patient.
With consensus guidelines and flow charts developed by hospital consultants, an empirical antibiotic prescribing guide and clinical calculators for complex antibiotics, GreyMobile makes your iPhone as invaluable on the wards as your stethoscope.

Key Features:
- Guidance written by hospital consultants at St George's University of London and NHS Hospital
- Empirical antibiotic guide. Covers common infections from community acquired pneumonia to cellulitis.
- Fast Look up. Search the entire guidance for a condition/drug name within milliseconds.
- Topic search - find the topic of interest rapidly by filtering the table of contents for your term.
- Optimised for mobile - No sideways scrolling. All content formatted to the small screen
- BNF Search - hold on a drug name and select 'BNF search' to access the formulary web page
- Clinical calculators to help reduce dose calculation errors which include automatic conversion of imperial and metric. Enter the data you have available and the calculator will do the rest.
- Pinch to zoom diagrams

Employees of St George's Healthcare NHS Trust have a duty to use the latest internal guidelines and in accordance with Trust Policy. The information provided by the GreyMobile guidance calculators should be checked against the latest guidelines, pending formal approval.

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What's New

- Content Updated to 63rd Edition of Guidance Aug 2015
- Improved search in table of contents so e.g. "CO" will match carbon monoxide
- Typography improvements with a more balanced look and feel.e.g correctly superscripting elements such as Ca2+
- Gentamicin calculator now used adjusted body weight for both dosing and creatinine clearance and caps at 100kg for obese patients. Also warns if patient is under 5ft (not a validated case)
- Rationalisation of Intranet links - now states (Intranet Link) rather than the longwinded URL.
- Automatic BNF links - now almost all drugs are linked to Medicines complete (Need e.g Open Athens account to access BNF website)

63rd Edition includes:
- New Management of sepsis guidance
- New Alcohol withdrawal guidance
- New Managing Delirium guidance
- New to Antifungal drug monitoring table
- ACS Updated for Troponin T assay and cut offs
- Update to antibiotics table (meningitis, HAP)
- Updates to Hypercalcaemia to include pamidronate and minor updates to other electrolyte imbalances

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