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This app is an anti-kidnap system, which is very easy & safe to use - just 1-click !!

The most powerful anti-kidnap app for the iPhone - 100 % reliable with secure action position system !

Hope the best prepare for the worst ! For yourself, your children or other family members and friends !

It sends your current GPS position to a predefined confidential person of your choice with just 1-click or just shaking the iPhone, while the app is running in foreground !

Features overview:

► Send your current GPS position via SOS email or SOS SMS (optinal and fallback option) to a predefined person of your choice!
► Just 1-click to send or just shake the iPhone to send the SOS, SMS message!
► SOS email includes Latitude and Longitude on a map and a link to a map!
► Integrated fallback system (always have a backup)!
► Very easy to use (secure action app, 100% trusted technology)!
► Once a SOS-email is activated (button or shaking) the app will send a SOS-email every 15 min for 6 hours, as long as the app runs in foreground !!
► SOS email launch indicator

While other apps of this kind try to track your position and drain your battery, or count down to activate and send a notification email, with this app you just have to shake the iPhone or press the big red button to send an emergency email while running the app in foreground tracking for 6 hours will be activated automatically !

The app includes a fallback system, which allows you to send your message as a basic SMS in case of no Internet service is available for any reason! Optinal you can always send a SOS SMS or a SOS email.

The continuous pursuit of perfection in every facet of design, software engineering, has firmly established the app anti-kidnap as the standard by which all others are compared.

That powerful validation, and our reputation for safety, durability, reliability, and ease of use, has also driven our consumer dedication further than ever anticipated. Moving forward, our commitment to "Perfection" remains steadfast: we will never compromise quality. We will continue to invest tremendous resources in the technology and talent necessary to improve our products wherever possible; and we will always strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction!

Made in Austria

That's why we can't give it for free and we work hard to improve it in the future too !

!Exclusion of liability ! Exclusion of warranty and guarantee !

What's New

Sending SOS email problems solved !

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