Reproductive and Urinary Anatomy Atlas: Essential Reference for Students and Healthcare Professionals

Reproductive and Urinary Anatomy Atlas: Essential Reference for Students and Healthcare Professionals

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Reproductive and Urinary Anatomy Atlas is a quick visual reference on male and female reproductive and urinary anatomy, physiology, and common pathologies. This iPhone/iPad app includes dozens of 3D models, animations, and illustrations.

This app is ideal for professional reference and as a tool for patient education on topics including the birth canal, reproduction, lactation, kidneys, kidney stones, and breast cancer.

Content in this app includes:
(1) Animations and illustrations.
(2) Dozens of 3D models of reproductive and urinary structures, along with a limited number of models from other body systems.
(3) Definitions and pronunciations for over 100 anatomical structures of the reproductive and urinary systems.
(4) Descriptions of more than 35 common diseases.

What you can do with this app:
(1) See structures of the reproductive and urinary system in 3D. Study any structure’s name and pronunciation, or read about its function and common diseases.
(2) Quick access to more than 50 preset views. Customize these views by adding or dissecting any reproductive and urinary structures. Save or share views.
(3) Test your knowledge: Take quizzes with 90 quiz questions that review reproductive and urinary structures.

Here is a list of all the content in Reproductive and Urinary Anatomy Atlas:

Urinary system overview
Reabsorption and Secretion
Reproductive system overview
Fertilization to Implantation
Two weeks after conception
Taking shape
Fetal Development
Kidney stones
Urinary Incontinence

Blood flow through the Nephron
Nephron Structure
Filtration Membrane
Urine Composition
Female Reproductive Cycle
Gametes to Zygote
A Developing Embryo
Hormones during pregnancy
How twins Develop
Fetal Reproductive Development

3D Reproductive and Urinary Structures, including:
Gonads (testicles | testis, ovaries)
Penis, segments and cross-sections
Male reproductive ducts and glands:
Bulbourethral (Cowper's) glands,Vas deferens,
Seminal vesicle, epididymis
Female external genitalia (vulva)
Fallopian tube (oviduct, uterine tubes, salpinx), Female
Beasts (Mammary glands (breast tissue), lactiferous ducts
Male and female bladder, including sections and cross-sections
Ureters, urethra, and urethral sphincters
Kidneys, including cross-sections

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