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Climate Change Doubt examines the theory of manmade Global Warming through a critical eye. Includes illustrated articles and videos plus compare sea ice extent in October and arctic temps for selected years.

* See for yourself NOAA and NASA data showing recent decade long cooling trend
* View satellite data to decide for yourself if coal from Chinese power plants could be cooling the planet
* Archives from 1930s show strength of previous warming trends in the US and Greenland
* Compare predictions of climate models to actual data
* View nighttime temperature trends that cast doubt on notion a catastrophe is on the way
* Find out about natural ocean currents that may have a big impact on global temperatures
* See NASA data that demonstrates the urban heating effect and how hard it is to find global warming in small towns
* View graphs of northern hemisphere snow cover that shows no real trends
* Find out how clouds are little understood and they may cool the planet rather than add to warming
* Check recent trends for the North Pole that show increases in ice
* Learn about past levels of carbon dioxide in previous geological eras documented by scientists
* Discover past warming trends in Greenland that were completely natural
* 300 graphics displaying temperature trends in the US, NASA global temperature maps, the North Pole, Antarctica, and more

* Compare October North Pole Melt for Selected Years
* Compare Arctic Temperatures for Selected Years


* Watch global temperature trends by decade from 1900-2011
* Decide for yourself if recent droughts are unusual, watch slide show of June Drought Index 1900-2011
* View satellite images of North Pole from 1979-2011 for month of June


* Easy to use
* Export PDF documents
* Print Articles

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