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Course For Color 101

Course For Color 101

Mac OS Video

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3-hours of tutorial videos for Apple Color 1.5. Stream the HD version of this video from: &

Remove the haze and "pop" the color of your video productions. Watch as Apple Courseware author Michael Wohl (one of the original designers of Final Cut Pro) teaches you the secrets of color correction, using Apple's Color.

If you're shooting or editing video, you need to understand how Color 1.5 integrates with Final Cut Pro to make amazing, pro-quality video. Use Color to remove the "haze" from typical consumer video recordings, or to enhance the saturation of only certain parts of a shot, such as an actors shirt. There is so much you can do with Color, that you need a pro with years of experience to show you the way.

In this 3-hour tutorial you'll learn all of the tricks, from primary and secondary color correction, to using masks and shapes so your color timing effects only a certain portion of the screen.

You'll also learn the secrets behind using the Vectorscope, Waveform Monitor, 3D Scope, and other Color 1.5 displays to scientifically analyze and restore video so it looks better in your productions than it does in real life. make your colors "pop" ... impress your friends and clients ... watch this tutorial!

Table of Contents:

01. Intro
02. System Requirements
03. FCP to Color
04. Window Overviews
05. Setup Room
06. Primary In Room
07. Secondaries Room
08. Other Rooms
09. Render Queue Room
10. Opening & Saving in Color
11. Importing Clips
12. Dual Display Mode
13. The Waveform Monitor
14. The Vectorscope
15. 3D Scopes
16. Contrast Overview
17. Working with the Color Balance Wheels
18. Adjusting Contrast
19. Broadcast Safe
20. Color Balancing
21. Using Curves
22. Playing Clips
23. Correcting Flesh Tones
24. Flesh-tone Trick
25. Scene to Scene
26. Choosing Master
27. Comparing Shots
28. Primary Room: Saturation
29. Primary Room: Master Controls
30. Secondaries
31. Key-based Secondaries
32. Vignette Based Secondaries
33. User Shapes
34. Inside & Outside
35. Combining Secondaries
36. Secondary Curves
37. Comparing Grades
38. Grades in the Timeline
39. Beauty Grades
40. Clearing Deleting Grades
41. Copying Grades
42. Saving Corrections
43. Saving Grades
44. Grouping Clips
45. Color FX
46. Creating Custom Color FX
47. Saving Custom Color FX
48. Primary Out
49. Pan & Scan
50. Motion Tracking
51. Manual Tracking
52. Keyframing Primaries
53. Keyframing Secondaries
54. Advanced Keyframing
55. Render Queue
56. Send to FCP

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