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Easy Image Viewer

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The easiest image viewer on OSX.
* Lightweight borderless UI, rich keyboard&mouse shortcuts.
* Auto load all images in a folder and in its subfolders fast.
* Support dynamic desktop/dynamic wallpaper

【How to use it】
Method 1:
1. Set QuickView as the default image viewer。
2. Double click any image file will launch QuickView

Method 2:
1. Lauch Quickview and drag&drop images or folders to the blue circle or thumbnail window.

【Key Features】
1. Lightweight, borderless interface, support window bar show&hide.
2. Support files&folders drag&drop. Support all popular image format, support gif animation. Batch read images in current folder and sub-folders.
3. support slideshow, image rotate,zoom in/out.
4. Support full-screen, fit to screen, fix window, fit image size view mode. Support set slideshow and GIF animation as dynamic desktop
5. Support sort images by name, by path, by resolution, by file size , by file extension and by creation date. also support random order.
6. Rich keyboard&mouse shortcuts, very handy.

【User FAQs】
1. Why app always prompt to get permission?
A: It is the OSX sandbox limit, if you permit the access, QuickView will remember your choice, it will not ask for it again at the next time. you can also access the very high level folder( for example your HOME folder), then the child folders will not ask for the permission access.

2. How to all image in the same folder?
A: there are tow method:
1) select images in app, and press "ALT+O" key, it will load all images in the same folder of selected images.
2) Check "auto-load folder" option in the preference, and if add or drag&drop 1 image to the app, it will autoload all images in the same folder。 if you don't want autoload folder, please uncheck "auto-load folder" or add more than 1 image, the app won't autoload images in the same folder.

3. How to enable mouse click switch image?
1) Enable "mouse click switch image" option from menu or preference
2)Mouse click left half of the window will switch to the previous image, otherwise switch to the next image

4. How to set dynamic wallpaper?
A: There are tow way to set dynamic wallpaper
1) Set Gif image as dynamic wallpaper
* Add gif image to app
* Click "Set Dynamic Wallpaper" from "File" Menu

2) Use slideshow as dynamic wallpaper
* Add images to app
* Start slideshow by click "Start Slideshow" from "View" menu item
* Click "Set Dynamic Wallpaper" from "File" menu

If you would like to cancel dynamic wallpaper, please click "Set Dynamic Wallpaper" from "File" menu again.

5.When should user set window background transparent or not?
if the window background is transparent, user will focus the displaying image, but the transparent background can not respond mouse click, so if you would like to use mouse or trackpad click to switch image, set the window background opaque will improve user experience

6. Shortcuts list:
1) Show/Hide thumbnail browser: "Command +B"
2) Quit App: "Command +Q"
3) Close Main Window:"Command + W"
4) Zoom image&thumbnail: Alt/Option/Command key + mouse scroll wheel
5) Hide App: "Command + H"
6) Load all image in the same folder: "Alt+O"
7) Mouse scroll wheel switch images
8) Mouse click switch images, click left half window to previous image, otherwise next image(Alt+M to enable/disable this shortcuts).

More shortcuts please check the app menu

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