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PDFCombo is a simple utility to combine PDF documents - with special consideration for the table of contents (TOC) in the PDFs. You may choose to preserve any existing table of contents in the PDFs, or automatically add a new top-level TOC entry for every PDF.

In a long PDF document, a table of contents makes it easy to navigate within the document in any PDF-reading app.

Use PDFCombo in these ways:
• Print from any app to PDFCombo using the Print to PDF... feature in OS X
• Print articles from Safari's reading view into PDFCombo to consolidate your research into one PDF
• Combine related Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents into a PDF with a convenient table of contents sidebar

Tip: You can use the Option CMD S shortcut to quickly create the combined PDF and have the PDF open in the default PDF reader. You can then drag the PDF into any other app such as Evernote or DevonThink for archiving or annotations.

A new app, PDFSpeech, extends the functionality in PDFCombo. PDFSpeech can create PDF Packs not only with PDFs, but also with any rich text content copied to the clipboard, and even with selected pages that were copied from PDFs open in Preview.

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• Use CMD V to paste the image on clipboard into PDFCombo. The image will be appended as a new page to the PDF pack.

Use this feature to say collect several screenshots and organize into a multi-page PDF. For example, you can screen capture parts of web pages in Safari and combine into a PDF pack. Such PDF packs are handy when you want to package information to carry on your iPhone, for instance.

Tip: Use the Documoov app to easily make a video from a PDF by recording audio attached to specific pages. You may find videos even easier to review than PDFs on your iPhone.

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