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iWall-Dynamic Desktop Engine

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iWall is a very popular beautiful video that can use any format (without conversion), directly supports 4K, 8K ultra HD video source, audio (visualization function), pictures, animation (gif), program, webpage, website, website, The url acts as your live wallpaper, dynamic desktop software, and can interact. Please note: This is the only live wallpaper that can interact. Filled with various types of resources, endless. Online and offline settings, and you can easily create a variety of types of live wallpaper source, recording screen supports simultaneous audio and video recording.

The audio (visualization function) will show waveforms and dance with external sound (you can also record yourself singing and speaking). This means that you can mix audio visual wallpapers with different sound effects and backgrounds, which is really fun. (With the system comes with the player recording screen can easily record a variety of effects of audio visual video and their own simple production of a variety of effects of the dynamic wallpaper source, audio and video synchronization recording.) Software features, simple to use, small size, Does not occupy resources, running smooth and stable security. Make your desktop ever-changing, unique, dynamic and stylish, and colorful. There is static motion, static motion, moving to move, want to quiet to static, any switch. Fun! The gameplay is varied, waiting for you to discover. If you feel good, you can actively share and comment! Thank you.

Features: This is a great, fun and live wallpaper engine. Whether you are high-end devices or low-end devices and netbooks, you can run a variety of dynamic wallpaper sources smoothly. The software is very intelligent. Other applications such as full screen and play games will automatically pause playback. The web page's live wallpaper source will also automatically release resources, stop running, and return to the desktop for automatic playback and operation. The notebook will also intelligently detect run and pause. Has no effect on screensavers and hibernations, laptop lids, and quick lock screens. The true use of live wallpapers is truly normal, giving everyone a lot of fun and learning a lot.

The initial use, as long as the download and installation will automatically run, resource switching and function switching as long as the menu bar click on the iWall small icon will pop up the drop-down list, click on the preference settings on it. You can also click on the Dock bar iWall large icon will pop up the settings menu bar, click on the preferences after the pop-up feature options box.

If you want to switch between interaction and lock screen, click the iWall icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar or the iWall icon in the right of the Dock bar to click the hide desktop icon to interact. Click to display the desktop icon lock screen (non-interactive), you can switch between them.

The use of iwall is simple, simple enough to scare off everyone's chin!:)

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The first time the novice is used (and please read the description carefully), just click the iWall icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar. You can also right click on the Dock bar iWall icon to pop up the settings menu bar. After clicking Preferences, the function option box will pop up. Any need to contact (including various types of resource sharing and custom dynamic desktop sources), email: puke365@163.com.

This update adds and fixes the following new features (three months of silence, in order to present one after another wonderful, new iWall brings three major functions, super shocking experience, hurry to update iWall, hurry to upgrade the latest system)

1. Lock screen special effects, super shocking experience, new features, brand new nouns (iWall first)! (System exclusive) Lock screen effects and no special effects switch.
2. Increase the on-screen protection function. (Explosive function, dynamic desktop and screen saver are used together, definitely let everyone dear (.·∀・) ノ゙ happy! All kinds of resources are common, the system is exclusive.)
3. Increase the window to maximize the function of pausing the video, both default and full screen. (new major features)
4. Increase the function of pause playing video in small window, which is more convenient to use. Switch between full screen and small window at will. (new major features)
5. Fully optimize once.

Come and experience the early adopters!

Looking forward to iWall's next feature update, you will be more and more surprised!

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