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Inside Text is a utility to extract information about text. It changes, combines, converts and removes text, as well as examining it for trends and more detail.

Text examinations include:
• Combine Columns
• Combine Paragraphs
• Convert Bible Verse to Passage
• Convert Bullets to Hyphens
• Convert Double Metaphone
• Convert Em/En-dash to Hyphen
• Convert Hash Value
• Convert Hyphen to Em-dash
• Convert Hyphen to En-dash
• Convert LineFeeds to Returns
• Convert Non-breaking Spaces to normal Space
• Convert Normal Spaces to non-breaking Space
• Convert Number Format
• Convert Number of Letters
• Convert Number of Words
• Convert Number to Words
• Convert Phone Keypad Number
• Convert Returns to LineFeeds
• Convert Revise Negative Verbs
• Convert Soundex Code
• Convert SQL compliant
• Convert Symbols
• Convert Tabs to Spaces
• Convert Transpose Rows and Columns
• Convert USA to British period placement
• Convert Value
• Convert Wrapped Lines
• Convert “Quotes”
• Info re Frequency Within
• Info re Frequency
• Info re Spelling
• Info re Text Information
• Remove All ASCII
• Remove ASCII Control characters
• Remove Excess Returns
• Remove Excess Spaces
• Remove Excess Tabs
• Remove LineFeeds
• Remove Non ASCII
• Remove Non Letters
• Remove Non Numbers
• Remove Periods
• Remove Punctuation
• Remove Returns
• Remove Spaces
• Remove Tabs
• Save As SQLite
• View As ASCII
• View As Binary
• View As Description
• View As Hexadecimal
• View As Octal
• View Text Encoding

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