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A powerful GPX file reader for OS X.

Tracks, Routes & Waypoints - View your tracks, routes & waypoints in GPX Reader. You can switch them on/off from the menu bar.

Maps - Open your GPX file in GPX Reader and check out the tracks on Maps. Set the map type to map, satellite or hybrid.

Icons - Recognize your GPX files immediately with the shiny custom GPX icon when browsing in the Finder.

Spotlight - Find your GPX files in no time in Spotlight. The Spotlight importer will index the name, link text, and description content of your files.

Quick Look - Browse your GPX files quickly using Quick Look. See the total number of tracks, routes & waypoints defined in the GPX file without even opening it.

TCX - Open your TCX files in GPX Reader. TCX is a data format introduced as part of Garmin's Training Center product.

What's New

Well it was time to update the QuickLook integration in GPX Reader. I customised it to better match the new Yosemite style. And next to that I fixed a bug that QuickLook won't work on some machines. Hope it's fixed because this was a hard one.

Because of multiple request I changed the track color to a red color so it's better visible on the map. I also added a white stroke around it in order to get the best visual effect.

And last but not least, I updated the annotation's style so it matches the iOS version's annotation design. Hope you like it!

More requests? Please contact me through my website!

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