Folder Sync 2

Folder Sync 2

Mac OS Utilities

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Compare pairs of folders and display differences using colour coding. After comparing, choose to automatically sync the folders or manually manipulate the files (copy, move, rename or delete) directly within the Folder Sync window.

Built in scheduling abilities which can run multiple Presets concurrently with no user intervention. Schedule Presets to repeat at a regular interval or to sync at specific days/times.

Ideal for keeping multiple pairs of folders in sync, quickly and easily. Great for backups and for merging and managing content on external USB hard drives, Network Attached Storage, camera memory cards or any other drives from your network which are available through Finder.

- Modern interface
- Simple yet powerful
- Great for beginners and advanced users
- Sync Queue allows multiple Presets to run in parallel with no user intervention
- Schedule Presets to automatically Sync using the Sync Queue
- Excellent preview and feedback at every stage
- Realtime feedback in window as files are read from disk
- Powerful filtering capabilities
- Superb custom selection abilities
- Extensive logging system
- Designate folders as "Read Only Mode" within the app
- App will use the Recycle Bin where available
- Ability to delay read of sub folders from disk, a HUGE time saver

*** Please contact Destek Support if you have any issues and we will do whatever we can to assist. Thank you. ***

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What's New

- Sync Queue functionality added (queue Presets for automatic syncing, run multiple presets in parallel with no user intervention)
- Scheduling functionality added (simple repeat every X mins/hours/days or Advanced to set multiple specific days/times per preset)
- 14 day Free Trial no longer adds any delays allowing full functionality to be evaluated
- 14 day Free Trial reset so users who previously tested on versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 are able to test again, this time without delays being added
- Version 2.3.1 contains bug fixes and improvements to dark mode compatibility

# New in Version 2.2
- Mojave support improved (including dark mode)
- Toolbar added
- User configurable colours added
- Tab functionality improved

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