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Final Crypter

Final Crypter

Mac OS Utilities

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★ The easy and secure way to encrypt. ★ 5 tools in one app

Final Crypter secures all information and files with a military-strength AES 256 Bit encryption routine. Using latest technology and an intuitive way to handle encryption and decryption, Final Crypter combines 5 tools in just one, priceless application.

★ File and Folder Encryption (just drag and drop)
★ Instant Crypter
★ Clipboard Encryption
★ Encrypted Note Pad
★ Password Manager (with drag-n-drop capability)

*** We love our customers ***
Please make sure, to visit our website for customer support, feature requests or just to get in touch with us.

Using Templates called 'Targets', Final Crypter makes it a breeze to handle different passwords and file environments.

This is finally the easy way of encrypting and decrypting. Just choose an encryption template, so called "Target" and drag-n-drop your files in Final Crypter's drop zone. That's all.
No hassle with where the encrypted file should go, what password should be used etc etc. Final Crypter knows all of this and makes encryption a snap.

★ Lost your Mac

Well, that’s very unfortunate and we hope you’ll get it back soon. But when you used Final Crypter to safe all this important information on your Mac, you can at least rest assured, that no one can access this data without your password.

★ Encryption Templates

Encryption templates, so called 'Targets' make it a breeze to manage your encryption tasks. Say you have a friend, with whom you exchange secret files. Create a Target for your friend, and Final Crypter knows where to put the file and what password to use. Or say, you have a Dropbox folder where you exchange data with your colleagues. With a Target for that, you don't need to remember where to put encrypted files (Dropbox) or where to safe the decrypted ones (maybe your local drive), nor what password to use. Final Crypter takes care of this.

★ Password Manager

With Final Crypter's Password Manager, you have the solution of managing your passwords for all those sites, which request a password in your favorite encryption software. When you need your password, just select the password you are looking for, and drag the correct User Name onto the website you want to login. At the same time, Final Crypter copies the corresponding password into the clipboard. So you can easily paste it (CMD-V) into the websites password field. That's pretty smart. Of course, you can change this behavior to your needs. We even added a second way to retrieve your information. Just double click on the password entry and a little Mini Password window opens. It will float above all other windows, so you can easily drag or copy your credentials. You even can open the website directly from Password Manager. This way, you can easily manage different passwords for different sites, which enhances your online security and limits the risk of identity theft.

★ Note Pad for keeping your data safe

Need to keep any kind of information like Credit Card Information, Access Codes or your Diary safe? Just put 'em into Final Crypter's Note Pad.
No need to generate a file first. Final Crypter's Note Pad gives you a handy way for storing information easy, fast and safe.

★ Instant Crypter for fast and easy text encryption

Ever wanted to encrypt a message and send it as part of a mail to your buddy? Place an encrypted message on Facebook? :) Just write a couple of lines (or copy and paste) in Instant Crypter, chose your friends 'Target" and hit 'Encrypt'. Thats all.

★ Clipboard encryption

Copy any text from any application like Mail, Safari, Pages, you name it. Hit CMD-E in Final Crypter - voila - Final Crypter encrypts (or decrypts CMD-D) your Clipboard content and puts the result right back in your clipboard.

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What's New

● Bug fixes regarding very small files
● overall window handling improved
● Password Manager can now open websites with a double click (see Preferences to configure)

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