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DriveDx is advanced drive health diagnostic and monitoring utility. Save yourself the data loss and downtime that is associated with unexpected drive failures. Don't worry about losing your important data, music, and photographs.

Unlike most drive utilities, DriveDx does not only monitor the drive’s built-in S.M.A.R.T. status, but also analyzes the changes of all drive health indicators that are closely related to SSD or HDD failures (like SSD wear out / endurance, reallocated bad sectors, offline bad sectors, pending sectors, I/O errors and more) and alerts the user immediately if anything goes wrong. Our drive health diagnostics algorithms are based on the recent researches in this field. The application provides access to all sufficient drive diagnostic data to satisfy any system administrator. DriveDx is the first utility of its kind to have a real user-friendly Mac-style interface.

Key features:
• support of modern SSDs and HDDs
• real-time SSD/HDD health status monitoring
• pre-failure state early detection - DriveDx supports 3 drive health statuses: Ok, Failing (pre-failure) and Failed. (Most of drive utilities support only "Ok" and "Failed")
• drive failure prediction based on health indicators that are closely related to SSD or HDD failures
• multi-tier warning system that will inform the user about deviations from the normal state of drive attributes
• drive overall health rating
• drive overall performance rating (if drive supports this subset of indicators)
• SSD lifetime left indicator
• support of drive short and full (extended) self-tests
• save drive(s) health report to file
• automatic drive health reports by email (automatic email reports)
• human-readable drive health indicators (attributes) representation
• different routines for SSD and HDD health evaluation
• drive temperature monitoring
• drive free space monitoring
• history-based drive health evaluation
• S.M.A.R.T. error log
• Growl notifications
• user friendly and intuitive UI
• Retina displays support

What's New

This update improves overall stability and hardware support, including the following:

• fixed UI font glitch in OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
• fixed issue with inactive menubar on app start in OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
• fixed direct email sending via SMTP without authentication (mode when authentication is not enabled)
• improved support of Seagate HDDs
• improved support of Seagate (Samsung-based) SpinPoint HDDs
• fixed issue with incorrect "overheating time" reports
• improved drive self-test handling
• drive long self-tests now more "resistant" to interruption from system energy saver
• diagnostic knowledge base auto-updating (optional)
• improved drive health diagnostic algorithms
• improved health indicator (SMART attribute) descriptions and tips
• Samsung EVO 840 SSDs
• Intel 525 Series SSDs
• Intel 730 Series SSDs
• Crucial M550 SSDs
• Toshiba HG5d Series SSDs
• OCZ Vector 150 SSDs
• OCZ Vertex 460 SSDs
• OCZ Intrepid 3000 Enterprise SSDs
• many stability improvements
• cosmetic fixes and tweaks

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