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BurnIn allows you to burn in your new headphones, earphones or speakers. It keeps track of the exact burn in time on multiple sets of speakers or headphones.

BurnIn plays White, Pink or Brown noise samples that are extremely "high quality" 16 Bit Linear PCM samples at 96000 Hz for best frequency coverage.

Why do people choose to burn in a new pair of headphones shortly after getting them?

Fresh out of the box, a pair of headphones (especially a good pair) may not sound as good as a well used pair, as the designers have intended. Often, people want their headphones to sound the way that they are intended as soon as possible. Most people don’t want to wait for weeks or months of regular use, so the choice is to expedite burn in by getting the process over with in the first week of ownership. Others choose to listen to their headphones as they change over the burn in period.

How much does burn in effect the sound of the headphones?

Some say burn in has a drastic effect, some say there is little effect, and some say that there is no effect. The amount of change resulting from burn in will be different for each model of headphones.

How long should I burn in my new pair?

Many recommend approximately 100 hours for most headphones. Some recommend as many as 200 hours or more. Different headphones may take longer than others for a so-called ‘complete’ burn in, and there is no exact or set length of time for burn in. It is best to use your ears to listen for changes to decide when you should stop the burn in process.

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