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6 0n Top

6 0n Top

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6 On Top finally fixes time. This changes everything!

Help us improve the world. It is time to let the sun and moon
be in sync with the human spirit. Please spread the word that time is about to change for the better. Invented by the serial Canadian inventor Jeff Widderich. He recently invented Str8ts for example the puzzle that is taking Germany by storm.

No more AM and PM they are replaced with images of the Sun and Moon.

6 on Top starts everyday the same time you do. Not at 12 o'clock when half the day is already over.

This is the newest (patent pending) improvement in" Time Keeping" since "Day Light Savings Time". The concept is very addictive because it makes a lot more sense than having the 12 on top. If you use 6 On Top and get use to the concept you will never go back...

The Sun and Moon will guide you during your day and night, finally placing you in direct relationship with your surroundings.

6 On Top finally brings time into the 21 st. century. The sundial was the bases of modern time placing the 12 on top of all clocks. Time to smash the sundial and use the real power of the sun and moon.

It only takes five minutes to reprogram your brain to use 6 On Top.

6 On Top still is only placing the 6 on top of the clock and the 12 on the bottom. Every hour is ending at 6 now instead of twelve. The hour and minute hands hand still works the exact same way as the old fashioned outdated clock did.

6 On Top requires exactly 180 degree rethinking, making the switch extremely easy.

6 on Top really shows off how wrong it was to display the 12 on top of a clock.

Time to embrace the right way to manage your time.

6 On Top has a Patent pending and is trademarked.

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