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Delicious Library 3

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Catalog your books, movies, music, video games, gadgets, and more. Delicious Library helps you create a comprehensive inventory, share it with friends, and get holistic recommendations based on your collector profile.

Scanning is easy: simply hold barcodes up to your webcam, and items appears on your digital shelves in gorgeous 3D. Rate your items, loan them out, or just revel in the in-depth information automatically downloaded for each one.

Know what you own and discover more things you love: Delicious Library integrates your wishlist, ratings, and friends to generate smart recommendations. If your friend owns a recommended item, Delicious Library highlights it so you can hit them up for a loan.

Archive your life: view your physical collection side by side with your iTunes collection. Publish your collection to the web with one click, put used items up for sale in three clicks, and find out if anything you own happens to be worth serious bucks.

“You've never had so much fun with's just so cool! And it just might buy you some time for more important things.” —David Pogue

“The best of the home inventory managers I tested.” —Farhad Manjoo, New York Times

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What's New

• Built under El Capitan so it gets all the latest improvements from Apple (but still works under Yosemite).
∙ Worked around El Capitan bug where the Add Friend widget was displayed cut-off inside its popover window.

• Updated to use Apple's new iTunes access framework!
∙ Should find iTunes collections for users who have had problems before.
∙ Now displays covers for items that are stored only in the cloud.
∙ Note Apple does not allow any third parties to access iBooks.

• Added a list of fields users can put into their own templates inside the App's bundle in "Contents/Resources/Templates/README - List Of Fields.txt"

• Fixed hanging bug that could occur when displaying items without covers.

• Fixed bug where CDs would go grey for a while when their cover was first downloaded on 'flat' shelves.
• Fixed bug where clicking on the top part of an item wouldn't select it on 'flat' shelves.

• Fixed bug sorting using Library of Congress numbers with multiple cuts.
• Fixed bug sorting using Dewey Decimal numbers so 1.193 is _after_ 1.2.

• Fixed bug when publishing to the web so we don't output “<?xml … >" on the first line, which confused some browsers.

• Added another graphics card to the list of cards that can't display transparent windows without crashing, so some machines that have been experiencing crashes when displaying 3D items will work now.

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