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Delicious Library 3

Delicious Library 3

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Catalog your books, movies, music, video games, gadgets, and more. Delicious Library helps you create a comprehensive inventory, share it with friends, and get holistic recommendations based on your collector profile.

Scanning is easy: simply hold barcodes up to your webcam, and items appears on your digital shelves in gorgeous 3D. Rate your items, loan them out, or just revel in the in-depth information automatically downloaded for each one.

Know what you own and discover more things you love: Delicious Library integrates your wishlist, ratings, and friends to generate smart recommendations. If your friend owns a recommended item, Delicious Library highlights it so you can hit them up for a loan.

Archive your life: view your physical collection side by side with your iTunes collection. Publish your collection to the web with one click, put used items up for sale in three clicks, and find out if anything you own happens to be worth serious bucks.

“You've never had so much fun with's just so cool! And it just might buy you some time for more important things.” —David Pogue

“The best of the home inventory managers I tested.” —Farhad Manjoo, New York Times

What's new

• New feature: custom fields!
• The items in your library already have many pieces of information stored with them: title, author, and genre are just a few. Now, you can add your own customized fields to your library.
• Define custom fields for your library by selecting “Edit Custom Fields…” under the “Item” menu.
• Custom fields are visible and editable in the details popover and window when you inspect an item.
• Custom fields can be shown in list mode for editing, viewing, and sorting.
• Custom fields autocomplete with values you've used before in those fields, just like the built-in fields.
• Export, Search, and Saved Sorts all support custom fields.

• New boxes! We added PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Blu-ray Audio boxes.

• Added code to automatically skip more database corruption failures when importing v2 collections, which allowed us to "fix" some corrupted version 2 libraries just by importing them (depending on how extensively corrupted they are).
• We now show a summary of cover images lost due to corruption.

• Amazon Germany has suddenly started returning a different type for Blu-ray DVDs, so we now understand this natively.
• Fixed bug where items weren’t resizing if they didn’t have cover images.
• The "Purchase Date" field acted strangely before, now it's easier to edit and sort on.
• Removed lightbox on modal sheets, since it was barely visible and causing a bug with the sheet closing animation.
• Fixed undo string bug when changing empty Smart Shelves.
• Fixed bug where the localized title for sort descriptors was nil when there were no sort descriptors.
• Fixed occasional crasher / craziness after deleting shelves.
• Fixed "Friends" shelf disclosure triangle toggled-wrong bug (due to different behavior in 10.9 and 10.8).
• Added alerts when upgrading database, which send bug reports if the upgrade fails.
• Now, when a friend’s library is added, the disclosure arrow shows up only if the friend’s library has shelves.
• Added "Show Raw Cover Art" to context menus.


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