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TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac. It can help you type more quickly and accurately, with fewer keystrokes. Create a library of custom shorthand abbreviations that when typed anywhere on your Mac will instantly expand to become longer ‘snippets’ of text or even pictures. Type frequently used words, names, addresses, phrases and boilerplate paragraphs with just a few taps.

Save time, effort and keystrokes. You need never type the same thing over and over again. Just let TypeIt4Me do the heavy lifting for you. It runs unobtrusively in the background and works systemwide, anywhere you can type on your Mac.


•Insert pictures and formatted text.

•Capitalize new sentences. Prevent double capitals.

•Automatically correct typos.

•Insert the current date and time dynamically, in any format.

•Insert a past or future date or time, with TypeIt4Me calculating it automatically in relation to the present, so you don’t need to work out in your head what day it was or will be.

•Insert Autocue placeholder “prompts”

•Invoke Applescripts. For example, typing om could trigger a script that opens Mail and says “Opening Mail” using one of the built-in voices in OS X.

•Sync with iCloud to use the same snippets on all your Macs - and even with iPhones or iPads running TypeIt4Me Touch.

•Get statistics that tell you roughly how much time you’ve saved

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What's New

Fixes several bugs, including:
- default set stored in iCloud was being moved back to the local sets folder
- some users could not drag a set from local to iCloud
- some users could not set up hotkeys in the TypeIt4Me preferences
- adding applications to the Applications tab via the + sign

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