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Time Tracker Professional automatically tracks how much time you spend doing various tasks. Whether you're doing graphic design, programming, writing documentation, or Skype-ing with your clients, your time is always duly accounted for down to the last second.

Accurate and hassle-free time tracking means more billable minutes for you, which translates to increased productivity, more money and more free time!

Time Tracker Professional is ideal for: graphic designers, desktop developers, mobile developers, lawyers, writers, and everyone else who needs to track their time but hates time sheets!



Time Tracker Professional automatically tracks all your applications as you’re using them. We support all popular applications.


Not only does it track applications, but it also tracks the documents within those applications. For instance, if you're designing different logos for different clients, you'll be able to see how much time you spend on specific PSD files.


Track all your web browsing. Time Tracker Professional tracks which web pages you visit and how much time you spend on each one. This allows you to quickly see where most of your web browsing time goes.


Time Tracker Professional is one of the very few apps where you can organize your time by projects as well as activities. Projects are "folders" that contain one or more activities. For instance, a project can be a specific client you’re working for. An activity can be a group of tasks for that client such as graphic design, web development, documentation, meetings, etc.


Quick visualize where your time goes via beautiful graphs. These graphs show your time usage on a project or activity basis.


With a single click, you can export your data to be used with a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, G Docs, Apple Numbers, etc.


Time Tracker Professional supports drag and drop, multiple level undo, and other conveniences that Mac users have come to expect from their software.


Visit www.timetrackerproapp.com and learn more about how to increase your freelancer productivity. Learn the benefits of why Time Tracker Pro is an absolute indispensable tool to the modern freelancer or independent professional.

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What's New

Thanks for using Time Tracker Professional. If you enjoy using the app, please rate or review it. Your feedback motivates me to keep improving the app by making it better, faster and easier to use! (If you already rated or reviewed, please do it again for this version.) Thanks! -Jeremy, the developer

New in 2.3.1:

NOTE: You must enable accessibility access for 'TimeTrackerProHelper' process or the app won't track correctly.

* New: Shortcuts for creating new projects (⌘N), activities (⌃N), manual tasks (⌃⌥N), and deleting tasks (⌘⌫).
* New: Preferences pane (⌘,) to control whether the app starts on startup and idle tracking.
* Improvement: The app now uses much, much less battery than before.
* Improvement: Cleaned up the status bar menu by removing unnecessary items.
* Fix: Welcome window now shows only on the first launch.
* Fix: Tracker now properly starts on startup.

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