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Password Repository

Password Repository

Mac OS Productivity

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Password Repository is an app to manage passwords in an easy and secure way.
This is the old version of Password Repository. Please Click 'more Apps by Tension Software' and select 'Password Repository 3' for the latest release.


Passwords are protected inside documents encrypted using a 'master password'
Opening these protected documents at later time, will require the master password, without it, data are encrypted and simply unreadable.
Even an experienced hacker can't do anything against a Password Repository document because it's strongly encrypted.

The user knows that in case documents can be accessed by unauthorized persons, data inside Password Repository documents will be secure and unaccessible because encrypted.

Password Repository allows, inside any document, to save and manage a list of records, each with data account usually associated with the password you need to remember:
Name, category, url, User ID, Account Name, email used to register, additional note and the password (the app will encrypt always all data, not only the passwords)

All the inserted records can be easily browsed and ordered using a table view and a details view.
Searching is extremely easy, the user can insert a keyword to search at the document opening, no clicks required because we know 'searching' is the most frequent action immediately after document opening.

Creation of new records and editing of previous data it's easy. It includes creation of new random passwords using user's criteria (numeric, alphanumeric, alphanumeric with punctuation and more), drag and drop of urls to the document window and others.

A particular feature of Password Repository is the use of custom color categories, a true peculiarity of this app, to visually catalog passwords in a way that allows the user, with a single sight, to identify the type of the passwords he is looking at. This is very important because the most of the users, over time, have to manage a large quantity of passwords and this visual aid can really make the difference.

The user can select a document as the default one, to be opened automatically at startup, useful to hold the most used passwords, plus the app still retain the possibility to manage an unlimited number of documents for a maximum flexibility of use.

Password Repository can use auto-lock after a specific time elapse in background, to require the master password to unlock the document, to avoid the user can forget a document in background, exposing it's content to others.

Fully compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard

* Data protection via Blowfish algorithm, instantaneous and at high security level
* Fully native, uses OS X library also for internal encryption of data
* Fast and easy to use, no waiting time to decrypt documents opening them.
* Safe and stable, years of use worldwide by a wide user base.
* Powerful and flexible, with resizable table views, detailed views and color category to manage your passwords
* Password generator to create new random passwords to create new accounts.
* Documents protected by autosave and auto-lock features
* Document based app to allows management of many documents for different purposes
* Auto-recovery always on, for total safety of your precious data
* Bottom bar with frequent commands to open web pages and data copy
* Various data fields: Category, name, url, user ID, email, note
* Color category to better classify your content
* Easy to use import text from any database or app able to export in text format, with a very intuitive import interface with data browsing before importing
* Data export in text format
* Includes PDF user guide
* Includes native help

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