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Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot

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Experience intuitive email with a simple, task-oriented approach!

Quickly manage & productively organize your inbox with Mail Pilot.

Featured as a Best New App by Apple — #1 Paid App in over 50 countries

• MacLife: "keeps users as close to inbox zero as humanly possible"
• Lifehacker: “if you treat email like a task, Mail Pilot is a great way for organizing it”

• TUAW: “For the first time in recent memory, I had an empty inbox. A couple days later, I was caught off-guard when the reminders kicked in and let me know I actually had stuff to do. And, I did them.”

featured by TechCrunch, The New York Times, Wired, The Verge, Cult of Mac and many more…



Finally, you can interact with email the way you already think about it. Mail Pilot simplifies email with a task-oriented approach. From deleting an advertisement to remembering to pay your cell phone bill, all messages are action-based.


When you’re done with a message, simply change its status from Incomplete to Complete, just like a to-do list. Gone are the days of tricking your email client by toggling “mark as unread”.


Set a reminder for a message and Mail Pilot will prompt you when it’s time to deal with it. Free your inbox of messages you can’t yet tackle and never miss a meeting, bill, delivery or due date again.


Mail Pilot complements any workflow and empowers you to become better organized.

• Organize based on message status – as Incomplete, Complete or set for Reminder.
• Collect groups of related messages – across all of your accounts using Lists.
• Folders and labels – can be accessed and utilized anytime.


Easily achieve Inbox Zero — Set Aside messages that can’t be organized immediately and drill through them when you have more time.


Add all of your Google, iCloud, Yahoo!,, AOL, standard IMAP, or IMAP-enabled Exchange email accounts. Mail Pilot remains securely synchronized with your email servers and other clients. Mail Pilot is not compatible with POP accounts because they do not allow two-way synchronization.


Mail Pilot never stores, processes, or transmits your data through any third-party servers. All of your account information, passwords, personal data, and messages are securely stored on your device. All communication occurs directly between your device and your email server.


Get notified of new messages with fully-integrated system notifications as new messages are pushed to your Inbox.


Seamlessly send messages from an email address that you have forwarded to another account. Add signatures and customize the From Name for each of your aliases.


View conversations intuitively with Nested Threading. Browse and filter long threads to find clarity and context. Add to the conversation quickly and naturally with in-line reply.


Every common action is an intuitive keystroke away. We designed keyboard shortcuts to be a headline feature and not an afterthought.



Mail Pilot was initially funded on Kickstarter in 2012 and is created by Mindsense LLC — a small, bootstrapped company based in Blacksburg, Virginia. We’d love to hear from you.

• Mail Pilot Support:
• Founders Email (Alex & Josh):

* Mail Pilot for Mac is compatible with standard IMAP accounts. It is not compatible with POP accounts or Exchange accounts without IMAP enabled. For security reasons, Mail Pilot for Mac does not allow SMTP accounts that do not support authentication. Mail Pilot requires that servers support some common IMAP extensions. If you are concerned about compatibility with your own server, contact us.

What's new

Since our launch, we’ve enjoyed reading and taking to heart all of your feedback and requests. Our team has tailored this update around the features and improvements that you requested most. Mail Pilot 1.1 includes dozens of noteworthy changes. We’re excited to get it into your hands.


- Drafts
- Outbox (sending replies is much faster)
- Search using tokens
- Search messages for contents
- Hide quoted replies
- View message headers
- View original message text
- Thread counts in the message list
- Thread counts highlighted when a new message arrives in it
- Send & complete button (and CMD+Shift+Return)
- Make links in text-only messages clickable
- Drag and drop messages to other applications or to Finder
- Open *.eml files in Mail Pilot
- Preference to disable saving new contacts
- Preference to set the default compose font


- Faster search
- Improved appearance for messages without previews
- The keyboard shortcut for reply to everyone (CMD-E) now also works for messages that will only only reply to one recipient
- Added a preference to disable the keyboard shortcut to send a message (CMD+Return)
- Added a preference to show winmail.dat files
- Redesigned source list
- The send and formatting bar when replying now sticks to the bottom of the window so that it is always accessible
- Ability to manually reload message contents and attachments


- Numerous fixes for bugs related to searching
- Text-only messages have line breaks
- Sent messages are marked as read
- Bulk completing messages in a list now goes to that list’s completed folder
- Source list icons now work well when set to “large”
- Completed messages cannot be completed again
- Will no longer complete a message if bringing the window to the foreground
- Removed percent escapes from suggest filename when saving an attachment
- Relative date headers are refreshed at midnight
- Alert the user of any keychain access errors instead of hanging
- Sender no longer CC’d in certain circumstances
- No longer flipping names at the comma or email addresses at the ‘@‘


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