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Leak Off Test

Leak Off Test

Mac OS Productivity

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This app provides for Technicians, Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Engineers, Students and others professionals of the oil industry a very helpfull tool to analysis and use during the performing of the leak-off test in wellsite.

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About the Leak-off Test on drilling operations:
A test to determine the strength or fracture pressure of the open formation, usually conducted immediately after drilling below a new casing shoe.
Initially, pumping fluid into the borehole results in volumetric compression of the drilling mud column and elastic expansion of the casing string plus rock around the borehole. As the pressure in the borehole increases, the leak-off pressure (LOP) is reached when the relationship between pressure increase and volume of fluid pumped deviates from linear. This occurs when fluid begins to diffuse into the formation at a more rapid rate as the rock begins to dilate. Generally, a LOT is a test that finishes immediately after LOP is reached.

1. Intuitive graphical interface;
2. Ability to work with data files locally and on iCloud;
3. Set ranges for graph;
4. Graph Options:
- Surface Pressure and Volume Pumped versus Pumping Time;
- Surface Pressure and Pumping Time versus Volume Pumped;
5. Data edition (add, edit/save, insert, remove);
6. Ability to print report with data and graph;
7. click and move mouse in the graph area to obtain Surface Pressure, Equivalent Density, Equivalent Gradient, Volume Pumped and Pumping Time.
8. Option to select unit systems: Metric, SI, Field1 (Imperial) and Field2 (mix);
9. Selection of units also per parameter;
10. Option to select time unit: sec or min;
11. Autosave for Description, Unit System, Time Unit (sec/min)


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- Fix calculation factor for volume unit on the Metric and SI unit Systems.

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