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• Scans your site checking for broken links
• Checks images as well as all internal and external links
• See problems at-a-glance highlighted in colour. Double-click for more detailed information
• In short, improve your website's quality and search engine ranking

If you've maintained a website for any length of time, you'll know that links very quickly become broken, because we move, delete or change our own pages, and other people that we link to do the same.

A broken link on your site is a dead end for your visitors and will also be bad news for your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Unless you enjoy clicking every single link on your site followed by the back button, then you'll need to use a website crawler like Integrity!

Feed it your home page address (url) and Integrity will follow all of your internal links to find your pages, checking the server response code for all internal and external links found.

On features - Integrity is free and is intended to be no more than a simple but effective link checker. Note that Scrutiny is a more advanced app with features such as managing multiple sites, crawling pages requiring authentication and webmaster tools which go beyond link checking.

What's new

New features:
• Now supports urls which include non-ascii characters (although not in the domain, IDN's still unsupported). Some may argue that this is against web standards, but it's becoming more common and accepted by search engines and browsers
• Auto-detects character encoding of pages, character encodings now supported include CP1251 (Cyrillic script eg Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic)
• Opens and scans a list of links in html, plain text format or xml sitemap (automatically detected - removes the old 'plain text mode' button)
• Blacklisting / whitelisting is no longer applied to starting url. Previously, starting url had to pass black/whitelist test otherwise crawl wouldn't get past the first page
• Better handles urls with port numbers (problems experienced with some servers re urls with a port number and returning a redirect)

Fixes and improvements:
• Fixes a problem which prevented crawling of sites generated by Wix and other sites which use urls containing #! (relating to dynamic content).
• Note that for Wix sites, your home page doesn't contain any SEO information or html links. Search enignes (and Scrutiny) must start crawling at
• Better handles entities involving a hash (eg ') within a url. Previously was truncating the url at the hash assuming it to be a fragment/anchor
• Fixes bug causing spurious text to be reported as the link text if an image has alt = ""
• Adds character encoding tag to head of HTML exports
• Correctly removes all temporary files when application quits. v4 and before had removed temporary files only when starting a new scan. previous points of v5 had not removed all files.
• improves csv and html export, these now reflect the sorting / filtering of the table being exported
• correctly handles links using ./ (same directory)
• truncates urls in html export, avoiding silly column widths
• Uses shorter format for date stamp, easier to read, reduces column widths and file sizes of exports


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