Graph Paper (Hüslipapier)

Graph Paper (Hüslipapier)

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Draw simple vector art with lines, arrows, boxes, symbols and text like on a graph paper and export them to the following file formats:
- PDF (Portable Document Format)
- EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)
- SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
- TXT (Text as ASCII art)

Perfect for simple diagrams, flowcharts, technical drawings or code documentation. Quick and intuitive!

By the way: It works great with a drawing tablet!

You find tutorial videos and some examples on the website. Note that this application originally was called "Hüslipapier".

There is also a free application "Graph Paper Viewer" which allows to view, print and export Graph Paper documents (.hpd)

Unlike other applications, Graph Paper stores the contents not as vectors but rather more as a series of symbols. Nonetheless, the application is capable of easily creating vector-graphics out of these symbols. Currently, the file formats EPS, SVG and PDF are supported which are the most common technologies for scientific publications and web-graphics.

Additionally, it is possible to automatically convert the symbols to ASCII-Art and (if desired) to prepend comment symbols. This makes it easy to write documentations for your software.

What's New

Version 1.4: The Limitless Update
- Canvas is infinite now.
- No more restrictions for diagonal lines.
- Arrows and curves can now be placed by positioning and dragging
- Replaced dot-tool with drawing-tool. Added three more symbols. Select the desired symbol using hotkeys 1 to 5. (Like in Minecraft!)
- Drawing Lines can now be done "somewhat" arbitrary.
- Tools palette is now only 1 symbol wide.
- Hüslipapier is now called "Graph Paper" in English localizations.
- Added German localization.
- Version 1.4.1 adds bugfixes
- Version 1.4.2 adds keypad bindings, german help files, removes bugs and memoryleaks
- Version 1.4.3 adds more Examples and Templates

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