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** Keynote 6 does not yet support QT Movie with transparent layer in PNG format. I have already requested support for Apple

** Update july/2014: Keynote has one codec with video transparency AppleProRes4444, it has some problems as the file is huge with little compression, and transparency is lost when converting to iOS. I may update this app to AppleProRes4444 compatibility, but I am considering other options.

Using Animated Transparent GIFs in your Keynote presentation was never this easy. It converts the GIF89a with a transparent layer to a Quicktime MOV using the PNG codec with transparent layer.
This is the only way to add transparent GIFs to your Keynote presentation.
Although animated GIFs is an old technology, most of you have already created those animations and were using it on PowerPoint presentations. When changing to Keynote, this is the first disappointment. Now it is not !
As a Quicktime movie, the animated GIF can be modified with all Keynote proprierties and you can keep the beauty of your presentation.

** It does not create transparency in GIF files without transparency. Be aware that sometime white background IS white, not transparent. Other image editing software may be used to create the transparent layer. Adobe Photoshop for example.

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