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FilePathService is a service application for copying the:

• POSIX path
• URL encoded POSIX path
• Server afp URL
• Abbreviated (Tilde) POSIX path
• POSIX path for Terminal
• HFS path
• Full name
• Display name
• Extension
• Windows style path
• POSIX paths of root folder and all subfolders combined

of files and folders to the clipboard. Menu items included in Services menus, particularly the Finder's, can be specified in the "Files and Folders" section of Services Preferences. You can easily access Services Preferences from any Services menu in any app.

As a service its interface is only the menu items that appear in every Services menu in the proper context: namely when objects in the file system are selected. You can control which items are included using Services Preferences: Located along the path 'Keyboard > Services > Shortcuts' in System Preferences, as shown in the accompanying screenshots.

Also see the accompanying screenshots for an example of using this service from the Finder's Services contextual menu.

Note that you can apply the functionality to multiple selections in the Finder at once, and when you do the clipboard will contain a list of items, one for each selected file and folder.

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What's New

Maintenance update for latest Mac OS.

• As of Mac OS 10.6 Services menus do not support submenus, instead what would be the name of the submenu is currently appended in parentheses to the service menu item name. Therefore the desired submenu name is no longer prepended to the service menu item name to prevent that from occurring.

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