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Dalo is a task manager that helps you get your stuff done by doing what you want for as long as you want. It lets you work with your natural flow and still get everything done. Effortlessly.

Could you enjoy tackling your chores, or your big, challenging, boring tasks? Could you tackle them step-by-step, primarily guided by your gut-instinct? Instead of organizing, sorting and waiting, could you take the first step now?

We think you can.

We tend to get ready to tackle all our issues and then prioritise, organise, schedule and end up with an amazing list or a system. And we work on our list for one day, two days, a few days. But then something changes and we either run out of motivation, or get interrupted, distracted or simply lose interest. Eventually, we are left with tasks that we don’t really want to do but feel guilty about not doing. We wrote them in the list after all!

It does not have to be like this. By asking yourself a very simple question, you can find the tasks that matter right now; the tasks that are important and urgent but also for which you are psychologically ready.

With that you will end up doing what you want, for as long as you want and tackle everything you’ve entered into your to-do list. You probably won’t finish everything you enter - but nor should you have to. If you’ve done some work on a task, you will have a much better feel for how important it is than if you’ve just been intimidated by it from a distance. If the most logical action is to delete a task, you can do that with confidence.

Dalo is based on a simple yet highly effective method invented by a very smart man* who was helped in its development by the users.

Don’t worry about the word method too much now because if you can remember the question: “What do I want to do more than X?”, you are well on your way to understanding it.

Ready to try it?

Please do read the Quick Start from the help menu before starting. It’s only a few sentences long but it will help you get the most out of Dalo.
Any tasks that are time sensitive or have to be done at a specific date and time are not suited for the system in this app - they should instead go into your calendar.

Dalo is based on AutoFocus, SuperFocus, Final Version and Final Version Perfected family of productivity systems invented by Mark Forster (markforster.squarespace.com).

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