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Yes, there are dozens of note taking apps out there for jotting down quick snippets. However, Curiota is unique in several ways.

First, Curiota isn’t just for notes! It combines the abilities of a quick, lightweight note taking app with the flexibility of a file shoebox app.

Curiota has a completely open method for storing your notes and files. There’s no proprietary database or file format, thus no database corruption issues or vendor lock-in. Your notes and files will be safe and accessible for decades, even outside of Curiota.

Curiota has a simple, intuitive interface to create, browse, and search through your collected items, plus services and scripting support for more ways to add to your collections. It’s always available, running silently in the background, while using very little memory or CPU.

You can store your Curiota notes and files anywhere you wish, including within a synced folder such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive, as long as it’s Spotlight accessible.

Curiota can optionally integrate with Curio, our flagship note-taking, brainstorming, and task tracking notebook app.

And, the best part: Curiota is free! No subscriptions.

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What's New

- Mojave dark mode compatibility. Optionally, you can force a white note background via the note editor context menu.
- Also via the note editor context menu, Curiota allows you to easily reset text colors, sizes, fonts, or all formatting in the current note. This can come in handy when pasting content from web browsers or other sources.

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