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CleanHaven is a program designed to make the cleaning of text much easier. Type or paste in any text, choose the change you want then click Clean to change the text.

For example copy a column of data from iWork Numbers, clean it, then paste it back into Numbers. There are eight main areas of cleaning: Case, Sort, Duplicates, Convert, Remove, Personal, Info and Internet. It works with text as plain text, styled text or as a table. It is also useful for viewing and converting HTML text for web developers.

It not only cleans millions of characters of text, but save them in a variety of formats including Text, Rich Text Format (RTF), Comma Separated Values (CSV), XML, SQLite database and tab-delimited.

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What's New

[New] Added the ability to sort words within a paragraph
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] Compatible with Retina Display.
[New] Now saves your Preferences and font size between saves.
[New] The application is now a Cocoa application, giving you contextual options.
[New] The Dictionaries are now much more extensive and support the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, SwearWords and Swedish
[New] The Dictionaries now support accented characters.
[New] When exporting the text to an SQLite database, TEXT fields are now automatically set to COLLATE NOCASE rather than the default COLLATE BINARY. This means that text searches are no longer case-sensitive for ASCII characters so searching for ‘steve’ will match ‘Steve’.
[New] You can now calculate the number of any particular day between two dates (i.e. ‘Mondays’ through ‘Sundays’)
[New] You can now calculate the number of weekends between two dates (includes only Saturdays and Sundays)
[New] You can now calculate the number of work days between two dates (excludes Saturdays and Sundays)
[New] You can now check the spelling based on an expanded number of built-in dictionaries.
[New] You can now choose to convert to Anagrams by word or by paragraph.
[New] You can now convert diacritical text to its non-diacritical counterparts e.g. ç becomes c (lowercase) or É becomes E (uppercase).
[New] You can now convert paragraphs to Palindromes (every letter is reversed).
[New] You can now convert words to Alphagrams (the letters of each word are sorted) by word or by paragraph.
[New] You can now find the number of days from a date until Christmas.
[New] You can now lookup geolocation data based on Apple’s Core Location
[New] You can now remove all email addresses, or as an option, remove all text except the email addresses.
[New] You can now remove all Page Numbers.
[New] You can now remove all ‘http://…’ and ‘www…’ web addresses, or as an option, remove all text except the web addresses.
[New] You can now remove excess tabs.
[New] You can now return a list of all the Dictionary languages that each word is listed in.
[New] You can now run the application at Full Screen on MacOS X.
[New] You can now spell check words based on every dictionary. It returns Correct if the word is in one or more dictionary and Incorrect if the word is not in any of the available dictionaries.
[New] You can now view the invisible characters.
[Fix] Converting Anagrams no longer freezes when converting multiple character words of the same letter.
[Fix] Finding the number of days left in the year now works for months with less than 31 days.
[Fix] Options window doesn’t show unless there are entries available.
[Fix] The case of the First Name no longer matters when looking up the Salutation.
[Fix] The HTML Name, HTML Number and URL encoding conversions are now much more reliable.
[Fix] The UK/USA Postcode to Region conversion now allows you to pick the individual item to return (All Data, City, Country, Latitude/Longitude, Latitude, Longitude, Region, State or SubRegion).

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