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Clarify 2
Clarify 2 is now in Beta testing. We plan on making Clarify 2 available in the the App Store. At this time we do not recommend purchasing Clarify 1 through the App Store as we will not have a way of offering free upgrades to Clarify 2.

Praise for Clarify:
Macworld - 4 our of 5 mice and picked as a Mac Gem

MacFormat – 5 stars

Best Utility App of 2011 – Time Management Ninja

Top 10 Best Mac Apps of 2011 – Mashable


Image capture, image editing and text authoring, together at last!

Many screen capture applications let you work with one picture at a time. But combining multiple screenshots into clear documents is a pain. It's such a pain that most of us don't take the time to do it, even though we KNOW our clients, co-workers and friends would like us to use more pictures when we are trying to help them.

Clarify gets rid of all of the hassle and frustration of creating documents out of screenshots. Say goodbye to working with multiple screen capture, image editing and word processing applications and say hello to instant productivity.

Clarify lets you:

• Capture multiple images and turn them into a document
• Add text and annotations with simple, integrated tools
• Share your document via email, PDF, Dropbox or

Customer quotes:

“I LOVE THE CLARIFY APP. I like it so much, it makes me nostalgiangry (I'm mad it wasn't around when I started my business). :-)” - Ben Chestnut, Cofounder, MailChimp

“Definitely My Best Buy of 2011 — Useful in ways you don't yet know” – Mac App Store Review

“The App is genius! Just created an instructional document that would have been 6 paragraphs of exposition otherwise. Thank you!” - @mostlymuppet

“LOVE Clarify. Took me 3 minutes to do what would usually take 30 minutes! Clients are happy, which makes me happy!!” - @zolihonig


• Capture windows or regions
• Import photos or other image files
• Assemble multiple images or screen captures into a document
• Easily reorder screen captures
• Easily replace images (Clarify remembers the size and location of the original capture making updates a snap)
• Crop and resize images
• Add borders or picture frames
• Add arrows, boxes, circles, highlights, text annotations and numbers
• Blur out sensitive information
• Export as PDF
• Export individual images or all images in a document
• Share online via Dropbox or
• Copy RTF content to emails, word processing documents or Evernote

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What's New

• Image capture on Retina displays now works. (Interface does not support Retina yet, however.)
• Fixed a crash that was occurring on some Mountain Lion installs.
• Dragging a step to top of navigator list would generate an error.
• Setting the list style to none using the Format menu would cause an error.
• Dragging a step from one document into an empty document would not work. A document had to have at least one step to accept a drop from another document.
• Quitting Clarify during a screen capture session by means of a keyboard shortcut now works properly.
• Pressing the return key in the spell check suggestion field was not tabbing to the next control.
• When opening a document window an error could occur when positioning and sizing the document window.
• Certain characters were not being escaped in the header and footer strings. This would cause PDF generation to fail.
• Setting the text color for a PDF template would not update the template properly.
• Setting the footer text color for a PDF template would not affect PDF output.
• Fixed some issues with text running into the footer in PDF output.
• PDF footer text hint said to use html formatting when in fact it doesn't accept html formatting.
• Clicking the star icon in the web accounts/PDF template lists was not turning off the default account setting.

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