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--- a professional tool for making UHD movies from your photos ---
--- MacBook Pro Touch Bar support added! ---

Make movie in Ultra HD quality from your photos!
Hundreds or thousands of photos can be compiled into a high-quality movie with 4K Ultra HD resolution or better - all with just a few simple clicks.
photo2movieFREE is also an extremely efficient productivity tool for making stop motion movies and animated films with a batch of photo frames.

Features v2.50
- elegant preview function, you can preview your movie before even generating it;
- preview function can be controlled by slider, mouse scroll wheel, or trackpad gestures;
- alphabetically sort and compile photos in a folder into a movie file;
- supports .jpg and .png image formats;
- custom frame rate setting: from 1 FPS to 100 FPS ( anything between 0.01 to 1 second display time per photo frame);
- control the quality of your movie by preset resolutions;
- movie resolution can be automatically set to the first photo’s resolution.
- detailed progress indicator and frame counter;
- compilation can be interrupted at anytime and the already compiled parts will still be a usable movie file
- 20 to 50 times faster conversion speed compared to other apps of us.
- improved processing speed and efficient running on macOS Sierra
- movie’s aspect ratio can be preset
- Easy Start Tip, Q&A and Aspect Ratio Selection Tip

Q:How do I benefit from the preview function?
A:You can preview your movie without generating it. It is a useful function, especially for someone who are making stop motion videos. You may find unwanted frames or glitches in the movie with this function by simply dragging the slider, using your mouse scroll wheel, or using the two finger gesture to scroll on the trackpad.

Q:The app reports that my FPS was modified.
A:The supported FPS range is from 1 to 100 and the corresponding frame duration is 1 second to 0.01 seconds. You may fine tune the frame duration by inputting it directly. If you preferred FPS is not inside that range, please email us a feature request.

Q:The app reports my resolution setting is higher than the dimension of my photo, but it keep generating my movie.
A:Yes, in most cases, the app can handle enlarging your photos automatically and completing the job anyway. But we highly recommend you prepare your photos to the desired movie resolution in advance. Also, to make your movie more welcome to all devices, please consider using the standard 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios instead of your original photo dimensions.

Q:Some frames in my generated movie are stretched.
A:For professional users, please make sure all your photos are of the same dimensions and orientation. For other users, please read the 'Aspect Ratio Selection Tip'.

Q:Can I stop the process of movie generation?
A:Yes, just click the stop button at any time. A movie with those photo frames already processed will still be generated. You may monitor the progress of the job from the percentage indicator and frame counter.

Q: An error message pops up during movie generation or the app simply crashes with or without an error message.
A: Please make sure all your photos are in the jpg or png formats, although other formats are supported too. (e.g. pdf and gif) Please have several trials to find the corrupted photos leading the app to crash and remove them.

Disclaimer Statement:
photo2movieFREE is a full function free version of our photo2movie.
All features and functions are opened for your evaluation except some watermarks.
The watermark of app name will be added to output movie file.
Meanwhile, as the result of water mark processing, the movie generating speed would be 10 to 40 times slower depends on your system.
Thank you for your understanding!
Los Angeles, California

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What's New

upgrade v2.50 -> v2.55
- MacBook Pro Touch Bar support added
- fix auto layout issue on low resolution devices
- fix SF fonts display stretching issue on guest account, change to system fonts
- black background of photo preview is removed
- protection added while opening corrupted picture file

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