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Photo Supreme

Photo Supreme

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Do you own a digital camera? Then in no time you will have thousands of images on your computer, and finding that one image you are looking for will become a chore. But Photo Supreme can change all that. Whether you have 1,000 or 500,000 images in your archive, Photo Supreme’s integrated photo cataloging and photo management features will help you quickly find and work with your desired image.

Photo Supreme is a so-called “Digital Asset Management” tool. Photo Supreme makes it possible to manage your image files by categorizing them. It will categorize the files based on the available details of the file, this includes technical photo details, but also the location of the file on disk, etc. Apart from those properties you can add tags to the images, enrich the files with descriptions, or add custom information. Once you have your archive controlled, you will benefit from the many advantages. With Photo Supreme at hand you will be able to quickly retrieve your images using all kinds of criteria or combinations.

Consider Photo Supreme to be the hub of your image workflow. From within Photo Supreme you will ingest new image files, manage image files, retouch them with third party tools, or send them to your favorite photo sharing site.


◆ Multi Language Support

Supports English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese user interface. Select your preferred language in the Preferences.

◆ Advanced search capabilities

With the advanced search system you can build search queries just by typing what you're looking for. And if you need more precision then you can combine different search items to build powerful queries like "all nature images, taken in June 2013, rated 3 or 4 stars, showing birds and trees, taken with ISO 400". This is as easy as clicking a few boxes.

◆ Import Images

Photo Supreme has one of the most advanced import feature on the market today. It will read your images from virtually any source, archive your files, seamlessly handle raw image formats, and allow you to describe your images. Save your configuration in a profile, and the next time you can ingest images with just one click of the mouse!

◆ Catalog Images

Organize your images in hierarchical catalog label structures, organize them in portfolio albums, create store catalog label groups for quick and easy label assignments, edit and maintain metadata for your images (Exif/IPTC/XMP).

◆ Edit Images

We believe that you're already using the better photo editor and with Photo Supreme you can quickly send your images to your editor, just by defining them as external editors. There's also an integrated editor in Photo Supreme which offers you lossless editing and is covering all of your every day editing needs.

◆ Share Images

Photo Supreme interfaces to public photo sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr, PicasaWeb, Zenfolio, or SmugMug. In addition you can email or FTP your images. Downsize and/or rename as you upload them to your on-line account.

◆ Take your images with you

With Photo Supreme you have previews of your images stored inside the database. So even if your images are physically located on your network or external drive, they travel with you. The size of your previews is configurable. If you are in "offline" mode, Photo Supreme remains fully functional. You can even edit your images as you are enjoying your Cuba Libre on the beach! Back home you switch to online mode and push the changes back to your image files.

◆ Scriptable

One of the cool features is that you can extend the application's functionality. By using the scripting language build scripts for sorting, filters, and import copy handlers.

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What's New

* When assigning multiple catalog labels that have GPS attached to them then the one will be used with the smallest radius. If multiple exists with the same smallest radius then the lowest in the catalog hierarchy is used.
* Added a new Quick Manual about "Searching" to the Help Menu

* Fixed an issue with pressing the spacebar in the Catalog Explorer, which only added one selected item
* Fixed an issue with partial text searches not working "as the default" in the search bar
* Fixed an issue in saving a Controlled Vocabulary file that contains special characters
* Fixed an issue when using color label definitions that are identical to the color name (e.g. Red for the red color label)
* Fixed an issue with sort order when using the Flickr Portfolio Sync features
* Fixed an issue with case sensitivity when creating a PostgreSQL catalog database

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