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MesaExif has following features.

1. MesaExif is an easy-to-use and powerful Meta Data processor.
2. Choose your photos with jpg / tiff / png. MesaExif shows thumbnails and Meta Data.
3. View and edit Exif, ExifAUX, GPS, IPTC, JFIF, TIFF, Canon’s and Nikon’s.
4. Manage your Base Location by searching map, and tap to set the coordinates to GPS dictionary.
5. You can restore a photo and/or photos during staying in a same folder if you do not want to change the values.
6. You can change all EMoji that MesaExif uses as default icons.

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What's New

1) Exif2.31 is available.
2) When the updated value can not be rewritten, Emoji will be !!(Emoji). It is equivallent to "Not editable" emoji.
3) The keyword number of the value is added to Ref.
4) Whenever a thumbnail is changed, "Show all" feature turns on.
5) 124 PhotometricInterpretation(画像構成)is "Not editable". And 2:RGB 6:YCbCr are added to Ref.
6) 117 DateStamp(GPS日付) : (yyyy:mm:dd) is added to Ref. The internal format is yyyy:mm:dd.
7) The internal definition of keywords is changed as follows. In regard to GPSHPositioningError, the new keyword has no GPS, HPositioningError.
035 SensitivityType感度種別
-> kCGImagePropertyExifSensitivityType
037 RecommendedExposureIndex推奨露光指数
-> kCGImagePropertyExifRecommendedExposureIndex
039 ISOSpeedLatitudeyyyISOスピードラチチュードyyy
-> kCGImagePropertyExifISOSpeedLatitudeyyy
040 ISOSpeedLatitudezzzISOスピードラチチュードzzz
-> kCGImagePropertyExifISOSpeedLatitudezzz
119 HPositioningError水平方向測位誤差
-> kCGImagePropertyGPSHPositioningError
122 BitsPerSample 画像のビットの深さ
-> kCGDisplayBitsPerSample

8) New keywords defined by Exif2.31 are added.
023 OffsetTime DateTimeの時差
024 OffsetTimeOriginal撮影日時の時差
025 OffsetTimeDigitizedデジタルデータ作成日時の時差
075 Temperature温度
076 Humidity温度
077 Pressure圧力
078 WaterDepth水深
079 Acceleration加速度
080 CaneraElevationAngleカメラの仰角

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