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Web Metronome is the stand-alone, full-featured desktop version of the popular website. It is the simplest and most accurate metronome available on Mac. We strive for 5 star reviews and happy customers, so if you have any questions or issues please contact us at contact@webmetronome.com. Thanks!

* Supports tempo between 1 and 240 beats per minute
* Between 1 and 64 beats per cycle, and set accent on any beat!
* Large visual display, just like webmetronome.com
* Includes tempo range names (Allegro, Andante, etc)
* Resettable cycle counter
* Tap-in beat by clicking the big numbers (shortcut key x)
* tuning window plays common notes
* practice timer
* full-screen, resizeable window
* volume control
* snap to traditional bpm values" setting

* I love this app. It is simple and useful.
* For me, it is important to be able to set the click to below 30 bpm, so your metronome is perfect. Many thanks.
* Thank you so much for making this metronome, I’m playing a tune in 7/8 and it’s been really hard trying to find some metronome where you can adjust how many beats in a bar.
* I really love the visual numbers. It really helps me stay on time.
* I like the ability to accentuate a beat on the metronome and that it turns bright red.

Learn more and check out the online version, and apps for other platforms at www.webmetronome.com.

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What's New

* tap-in beat, by clicking the big numbers (shortcut key x)
* added tuning window, for common notes
* added practice timer
* added full screen, resizeable window
* added volume control
* added "snap to traditional BPM values" setting

and a few other minor tweaks. enjoy!

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