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Remote for iTunes

Remote for iTunes

Mac OS Music

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This Holiday Season Enjoy the Magic of Remote Control All Over Again! - Doyle Software and App Design Labs is Pleased to Announce the Release of “Remote for iTunes”®

• Remote for iTunes® will revolutionize your daily digital lifestyle and the way you run and enjoy your iTunes® library. It lifts iTunes to a whole new level of Awesome! If you like your music, you need Remote for iTunes as much as the air your music fills!


• Remote for iTunes lets you seamlessly control and enjoy your entire iTunes® Library on a remote Mac® with 3 clicks.

• Optimized for the New iTunes, fully compliant with industry-leading standards and protocols

• Remote for iTunes gives your iTunes library never before seen portability: The kind you've only dreamt of. Until now.

• Sit back and enjoy the control of iTunes remotely with unparalleled ease of use and set-up

• Remotely control iTunes libraries across multiple local accounts on a remote Mac

• Control iTunes on remote accounts for a remote Mac from your local Mac

• Even control different accounts on one Mac, enabling you to listen to the sweet sounds of multiple audio tracks from one iTunes library in two different places at the same time!

• Simple, minimalist user interface with a purpose: To level the learning curve, and bring forward your enjoyment of the app immediately.

• “Remote for iTunes” is the first Mac app of it’s kind available exclusively through the Mac App Store℠.

• Feel free to visit our website for enhanced screenshots of “Remote for iTunes” doing its thing! All your questions are answered there too, and you can always ask more!

Doyle Software’s driving motivation has always been unrivalled product efficiency and customer satisfaction. What no one has accomplished on the Mac App Store℠ (or anywhere else as far as we know) in less than 30 megabytes, we’ve done in 3.

• Technologies being considered for future Doyle Software Product Releases and "Remote for iTunes"© Updates: 

• SHA-3 Copy-Protection, full Bonjour® conformance across the Internet, and, quite probably, support for more great service features you've come to know and love.

• Fantastic new user interface, and all the way you want it: With security the NSA can’t crack: Guaranteed: Using (the Latin Square as IV for the) AES-256 itself (cache-timing vector now mitigated - to be resolved in a future product release, key-scheduling vector now resolved) with an accompanying suite of the world's finest cutting edge security, esp. for wide-area communication, including (hyper-)elliptic curve cryptography (if & as necessary) (time-delay vector resolved), and the use of fully homomorphic encryption for content creation, delivery and exchange.

• Due to certain public API limitations at the moment, in future versions of “Remote for iTunes” we hope to be able to take advantage of a new infrastructure being developed by Doyle Software, to get around any such limitations that may have otherwise rolled-over into Doyle Software products. Learn more about this infrastructure by visiting our website.

• Our own enthusiasm is boundless and we'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions or feedback. Is there something we could do to make "Remote for iTunes"© even better? Is there another app you would like us to create? Let us know by leaving a review or rating and we'll see what we can do to make your Apple experience even more exceptional. Or, visit our website for more information, to let us know how we are doing, post comments, or simply share stuff. Have a beautiful day!

“Mac”, “iTunes”, “Bonjour” and “Apple” are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. "Doyle Software and App Design Labs" is trademark pending registration completion in Australia, the U.S., and other countries; "Doyle Software and App Design Labs" is a Trading Name of "Doyle Industries" © Copyright Richard A. Doyle, and pending registration completion in the U.S., Australia and other countries.

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