Course For NI FM8 - FM Synthesis and Sound Design

Course For NI FM8 - FM Synthesis and Sound Design

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Join Synth Expert David Earl (a.k.a. SFLogicNinja) and discover how incredibly powerful and rich FM synthesis can be when using the amazing FM8 synth from Native Instruments...
In this tutorial, FM Synthesis and Sound Design, MPV expert trainer David Earl takes you on a wild, carrier wave ride showing you all you need to know about FM synthesis and how to program synth sounds that add depth and punch to your productions!

David ignites this tutorial with an incredible history of FM synthesis. From there he explores all the nooks and crannies of the FM8’s well-stocked "sonic kitchen" and shows you how every knob, button and slider works. Now you're ready to jump in and do some real programming! Mr. Earl dissects the FM8's incredibly versatile Arpeggiator and shows how you can make your notes sing and dance just about any way you like. You'll also learn how to morph your sounds using the super intuitive Morph pad, where you can load in some of your favorite presets and mix 'n' match 'em to concoct a delicious sonic stew!

Wanna go even deeper? Good, because the FM "Ninja" chef Mr. Earl also unveils the FM8's Expert section where all the extra secret sauces are hiding. He'll also show you how to create rich brass and bell tones and play with the envelopes of the sound to make it come alive. Finally, David starts cooking the Modulation Matrix where you'll learn why routing is so important in the FM8 and how it dramatically affects your FM synthesis creations.

So, if you’ve always wanted to take a bite out of FM synthesis, David Earl is here to guide you to where all the FM goodness hides! So sit down, grab your utensils and sink your teeth into this FM8 tutorial masterpiece!

Table of contents:

1. Origins of the FM8
2. Exploring the FM8 Layout
3. Exploring the Browser
4. The Master and Effects Sections
5. The Arpeggiator - Part 2
6. The Arpeggiator - Part 1
7. Morphing Timbres - Part 1
8. Morphing Timbres - Part 2
9. Introducing the Expert Section
10. The FM8 as an Additive Synth
11. Creating Brassy Tones
12. Exploring Bell Tones
13. Assigning Envelopes
14. Advanced Envelope Techniques
15. Routing Modulators in the Mod Matrix
16. Creating Rhythmic Patterns
17. More Sound Design

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